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    May 31, 2007



    So THAT's what you did with all the puppies. ;) Fantastic photos, Nils! Thanks for the virtual tour!!


    Foodgasm, Nils, you're talking my kind of talk now.

    As a former waitress I can totally sympathize with the "unsupervised children" thing.


    Granville Island Market is one of our favorite haunts when we go to Vancouver.Our daughter lived in North Van for six years. And you are right...the food presentation is amazing but I'll bet there is nothing there that can equal your garlic spread. I find I always spend much more money than I intended to.
    Have a great trip. It's cold here on our gentle Island.


    And I bet they've got a lov-a-ly bunch of cocoanuts. Perhaps to go with that last food picture. ;-)


    So did anyone happen to look at you funny when you were taking pics of that giant... uh, Bucky toy? ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Alright, as if "if you can put it in your mouth, it's there." wasn't enough to make my brain explode...then you go and out me as a squash fucker.

    Alright, fine. It's true. I fuck the squash.

    Just please, PLEASE don't tell anyone that I think of Don Knotts while I....

    Oh, crap.


    Oh how I love a farmer's market. Great photos. And I'm with you about the West Coast weather - why all the hatin' folks?


    Bucky, you think of Don Knotts when you crap? Really, that's kind of personal, don't you think?

    Ooooo... just look at all that chocolatey goodness... wow... I'll take five of those things just to the right of the things with strawberries on them.

    And those raspberries... gorgeous! And that's saying something coming from someone who's favorite fruit is chocolate covered strawberries...

    Oh good Lord... how did the carrot cake thingies get there? Those are WAY too close to the chocolate. They should be in the fruits and vegetables section...

    Great... now I have to go raid my coworkers chocolate stash... I'm going to blame any weight I gain on you.


    Ha, I love that last sign about the unattended children. My mom has one in her beauty salon that says "Unattended Children will be sold as slaves".


    I've never been to Vancouver but always wanted to visit. Your pictures are making me even more resolved to get there someday soon.


    Great pictures and I'm glad you're having a good time. Our Farmers' Markets are no where near as good as that one! Still, it's always fun to laugh at the rudely-shaped veg!


    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm---tell me you ate one of those lucious strawberries....and those desserts....

    good pics!


    Me thinks Nils got lost in amongst all that fruit and chocolate... Nils?! Where are you, boy? Do we need to send in a search party? If you're buried under those treats, it may take a while to get to you, and I'll need some help. I could probably only eat about 2 layers of those goodies tops...


    i can't even tell you how jealous those photos made me! i love me a farmer's market & that one just looks amazing. now i want some berries and ice cream... thanks!

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