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    May 06, 2007


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Notice they only mention cigarette smoking - apparently, it's okay to hit the bong while you rock the bambino to sleep. And then drink your own breast milk because your mouth is so damned dry.


    Cigarette smoking WHILE breast feeding? I can't imagine what that would be like for the baby...and I don't really want to.


    Well honestly? That's a pretty good tip..LOL


    I can only guess that rule #5 states somethng like "while transporting the child in the car make sure she is firmly on the lap of the person in the front seat."


    Makes ya wonder just how much of our smoking addictions came from our mothers!


    My mother just drives me to drink, not smoke...


    As recently as 1981 that's all the stricter they were about smoking around kids, huh?


    People smoked and kids lived.

    Only recently are we told a million things to do in order to raise a child. I'm not sure that now is much better than then.

    Like peanut allergies...I never knew anyone with a peanut allergy when I was growing up. Maybe smoking keeps peanut allergies at bay.

    I grew up on nasty kid-scaring fairy tales: ogres, wicked witches, monsters etc. Today, children's books are so sweet and unscary, I fear we are doing a disservice to children.

    Maybe we should go back to scaring the crap out of kids, and doing it with a cig hanging from our lips.

    I'm kidding, sort of, also wondering how children can survive in a world where bad things do and will happen, even if you are sheltered beyond belief.

    Heck Paris Hilton's going to jail! Makes me think there isn't enough money or non-smoking, or no peanuts to keep some people's children safe.


    I understand what you're saying, Mary.

    But things ARE changing. Physically. In the external world.

    Things are always changing. The belief that some things are the same as they were then is false.

    I remember feeling choked almost completely out of oxygen when I was around my fucking chain smoking family. My brother did choke. And they didn't care.

    I agree though. There has to be a balance between reality and our understanding of it.



    [P.S. I adore Mary and I was feeling grumpy when I commented... People please carry on! heh ]


    that's great that you have her scrapbook still. What a great thing to have


    You house sounds like mine--something is lost until it surfaces again while looking for something else.

    I remember my dad with a cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth while he was giving my baby brother a bottle. Nobody thought a thing of it.


    Good grief! It's mad the advice that mothers used to be given. My mother was pregnant with me in Ireland back in the early 70s and was told by her midwife to drink a pint of Guiness every day!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    My mom smoked crack every day while she was pregnant with me and I turned out FINE.

    Shit fire, where did I put my prosthetic vagina?


    My mother smoked when she was pregnant with me. Until the fifth month when she was diagnosed with tuberculosis of the lungs. They made her quit after that, at least until I was born. After I was born, she had surgery to remove part of her lungs and a few ribs, and spent another year in the hospital in rehab, so smoking while breast-feeding was never an option.


    Bless your hearts, commenters. I feel like crap (my mom smoked), and you people made me laugh like a hyena. Maternal smoking prevents peanut allergies. PWAHAHAAAA

    This post brings to mind that film footage of Jackie Kennedy, on a boat, pregnant, and puffing away.

    I do still enjoy blaming most of my ailments (inadequacies, moral failures) on my parents' two-pack-a-day habits for most of my childhood.


    Um, OK, could I have timed my comment any WORSE than to follow Ortizzle's? Yea, no, probably not.

    You know I love you, O.

    Von Krankipantzen

    At least they were advocating breast feeding.


    Or maybe, Kranki, they were merely providing incentive for the smokers to NOT breastfeed? Either way, Nils, I think it's an important lesson for you. Either stop smoking or stop breastfeeding.

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