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    May 29, 2007



    I envy the opportunity to visit a charming place like this and just kick back. Of course, the grueling pace of touring can tend to ratchet back the degree of fun as well as sap one's reserve of energy. That said, I could stare at a scene like this one for a very long time...with a glass of wine in my hand.


    Sounds like your roadie is packing in some fun, relaxing moments in between the shows. And the pic? Wordgirl got it just right: the only thing missing is a little tipple.

    Just out of curiosity: when you travel, do you take a laptop with you to upload photos and post on your blog? (I'm referring to Canada, of course. We all know that when in the U.K. you hijack the computer of your hostess and add useful categories to her list such as 'Nils is wonderful'.... ;-)



    You are in my neighbourhood. At least close!

    Have a great time. Vancouver is a great city, eh??


    Oh sure... come close enough to where I live to tease me, but not close enough so I can actually meet you. That's harsh, Nils. Oh..., your vacation wasn't about me? ;)

    Beautiful shot of the harbor. Enjoy your time!!


    How fun! But, you're not meeting Shari??? I was gonna be jealous of both of you.


    Great photo. Give the Krankster a big hug for me!


    (Or a butt pinch. Your choice.)


    Wow, amazing shot. After spending the past few days running around, I would kill for the chance to kick back and unwind like that. Well, maybe not KILL, but...

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