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    April 10, 2007



    aw! congratulations to you and your family. wishing your daughter a happy and safe pregnancy :]


    i'm dying here, LOL! ;)

    aside from THAT, Hugs and Congrats to Erin and Matthew on the most wonderful news of the year!

    Craig Willson

    Shut up my arse. Trust me old boy - tears will flow, smiles will be unbreakable and you and Grammy are about to go on a journey that closes a circle. It is all good and life will have never looked better!


    Oh wow, congratulations to Erin and Matt! I always like hearing how a couple shares the news with their parents.


    I have no idea why I just felt entitled to call him Matt. That's Mr. Matthew to me.


    Awww, Grandpa Nils. You're so gonna be wrapped around his/her little pinky... Congrats to you all!!


    Grandpa Nilbo!!! I just know we are in store for some wonderful posts further on down the road. When is she due??

    Congratulations! (And not to worry, I hear it happens in the best of families.)

    sara sue

    "The Truth About Grandkids" <--Nils' next book?

    Congrats to ALL of you! Nothing like having a baby around, especially one you can hand to someone else when things get *unpleasant*! Wonderful news!


    Holy eyes got all watery...Congratulations Papa Nils. That is wonderful news! Congratulations all around!!!!


    Oh. Mah. Gott! Such wonderful news for everyone. As strange as this role might seem to you, I just know you'll rock it the way you have rocked fatherhood. Just you wait.


    wow--what a surprise.This one doesn not deserve shutting up :-)
    Yes, yes--congrats and all that :-)


    wow!!! Congrats Gramps!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Heh heh heh heh...

    You know, though, this kinda ties in with a conversation my brother and I had over Easter dinner (because we are appropriate like that) about MILFs. We decided if there are MILFs aplenty, there are probably also a good number of GILFs out there. Did I mention this part of the discussion drove all the young people from the table? More taters for us old folk. Mmmmmm, taters.

    Wait, what point was I trying to make here? Oh, yeah - you and the missus should follow the way of the GILF. Should make the whole transition to being Gs a lot easier.

    (Oh, and hearty congratulations to all!)


    Congrats, Gramps! Or do you prefer Pop-pop? How about Grandfather? No that last one is definitely too strait-laced for you. You'll be a wonderful grandpa, I have no doubt. :)

    Von Krankipantzen

    What fabulous news. Very exciting and I can't wait to read about all your grandpa wisdom.


    Grandpa Nils! I love it!

    Congrats. haha


    Be cool and be called G-Pa.


    Congrats ol' man!!

    Jim Fogg

    Wow you'll be sleeping with a Grandma! Joyce is much too so much..



    Congratulations to all! Kudos for a job well done, etc.

    Myself, I think 'grampa-ling' works. Like a gosling, it kinda implies you have to grow into it.


    Thanks to all for your kind - and not-so-kind - words. I was concerned about what they would call me - I mean really ... "Grandpa"? Me? That feels so ... old.

    Turns out the decision has been taken from me. So, no "Poppa" ... no "Gramps" ... no "Poppie" or "Granddad" or "Grampy" ... all of which made me shudder. My daughters decided that I would be ...


    Since I've been Nilbo for about 40 years, it felt like something I could answer to.

    twisted uterus



    Congrats. Nilbo is a perfect grandfatherly name.


    Hee hee! Congrats to Erin and Matthew and the rest of the family! That's wonderful news!



    Aw heck, and I thought the videos of the PUPPIES were cute.... can't wait to see the posts about a year from now.


    Congrats from Vegas Nils. Considering my father answers to Papi from my niece(did I mention he is about as Boston Irish as culturally possible?)Nilbo is entirely appropriate.


    So I got it right! (without "Grandpa" preceding it, but that's just a technicality, right?)


    oh, congratulations! i like the way your daughter and SIL shared their news! very sweet and original!

    (will you be changing the title to "truths and half-truths from Pop-Pop"?)

    just kidding!


    I read this a few days back, and smile every time I think of it, but then remembered that you can't hear or see me smiling, so came back to comment.
    This is wonderful news. Now you get to decide what you'll be called. Or maybe you could let us decide :)

    Cranky Chick

    Well, won't you just make the goddamndest best granddad in the whole friggin world???

    Congrats. I'm tickled pink your bloodline is expanding...


    Congratulations to all. What a wonderful thing. And the child will call you whatever it wants. You don't have to answer to it but face the facts: the child would call you "sponge bob" and you would let it.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Susie, I don't think the family will let the baby say some of the names we'd come up with.

    joesph r.

    Congrats Nilbo ... are u still running for the PC's? Hope that is going well.


    Sponge Bob is good. I'm liking "Poppy," though. :)

    The Kept Woman

    Congrats Gramps...that's very exciting.

    I shall send you some black knee-socks in celebration of such.


    Oooo... what about "Grand-Pappy"? Or just "Pappy"? Huh? Huh?


    wow wow wow! That is wonderful news! I see that the whole, endless, pictures of puppies thing was just practice.... =)


    YAY! Congrats! :-)


    I'm quite sure you're still basking in the wonderful news of becoming a grandfather, but some of us would like to know how your plans to take over the world are coming on... ;)

    marit and pete

    Congrats! Maybe she have a healthy pregnancy and get lots of pickles and ice cream!


    Congratulations! You will make an awesome grandfather!!

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