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    April 08, 2007



    You should see what a little snow does here. We pride ourselves on being able to slog through summer days where it's 115 degrees, but throw a little sleety snow our way and we cower in the corner like a bunch of babies. For the record, it snowed here yesterday, but nothing stuck.


    Hee hee, Stumpy and I are both chuckling! Yes, we know the snow we get here isn't up to much but it's all we've got so we make the most of it. I hope you managed to have a good day nonetheless. We had glorious sunshine and temperatures above 20 degrees Centigrade so spent the day sitting outside at my parents' house by the stream!


    Weighing in on the weather: Sunny but pretty chilly here today, about 23 degrees Farenheit.

    You Canadians can keep all that snow. We're tired of it in Northern Illinois.


    Yeah, we've got enough snow that all of my spring flowers are covered. blah!

    Anyway, Happy Easter!


    73 degrees F... sun and fluffy clouds... snow-capped mountains visible in the distance. Um yeah, I win. ;)


    Frozen Easter Eggs, anyone? Geez... I hope you got supplies in. Might want to invest in your own personal snow plow. You are now forgiven for not changing your masthead to a field of poppies. :-)


    Spring needs to be sprung already, sheesh.
    (Happy Easter! Yesterday!)


    well now i'm ashamed of my post and pictures of good friday. you win!
    p.s. i've always wanted to visit PEI but i think it will have to be during june or july. not chancing a snow!

    sara sue

    I can sympathize with your situation, Mr. Ling. On Saturday I got a sunburn right along the line of my bikini, making the wearing of the Easter dress somewhat uncomfortable! If that wasn't enough, I woke up Sunday morning to get the patio ready for the big celebration and half the chairs were blown over in the yard! I really don't know how much more of winter I can stand (grin).

    Hope the sun comes your way soon!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I think I jinxed us all by putting my snow shovel in the shed a couple of weeks ago. I promise it won't go back in there until at least mid-May.


    Yeah, it was cold here, too. Down to 40' (F) in Florida, I can totally relate!

    Love the new header and the picT!

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