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    April 04, 2007



    nice look. and "shoplifting an ottoman" had me laughing out loud. i'm so using that the next time i get a chance :P

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nice, um, sea spray there.

    I don't know how it is in Canada, but down here, *some* of us can carry off the ottoman look with great style and aplomb.


    damn, where *is* my set of knitting needles?


    Love the new look!

    Great "translations"... and so true.

    "Have a nice day" could be a column all on it's own.

    The Kept Woman

    Those are great. I wish you would put that in a handbook format so I could keep it in my purse for reference.


    "How are you doing today?" is another one. Closely followed by "Fine".


    These are some cool translations:)
    Loved reading them!!:)


    There are so many of these. I can't imagine other languages don't have their own, too. The whole idea shouldn't be "foreign" to them. But, still, the phrases surely vary. This is great information for English as a Second Language folks.

    Von Krankipantzen

    Very funny and VERY true.


    Hee -- loved the translations, reminds me of an ESL student from Japan at my highschool whom everybody loved within days because he was just such a nice person. Some of the guys in his dorm suite became good friends of his, and he had a great sense of humor. He would play small, appropriate, practical jokes on them, and they would reciprocate in kind, and a camaraderie grew up between them despite his extremely limited knowledge of the English language. At some point, they began to intentionally mislead him as to certain words or phrases, and then wait for him to use his new knowledge and hope they were around to hear. Poor Nick -- he ended up saying some incredibly funny things as he tried to reconcile his language courses with his buddies' tutoring. Thanks for bringing that memory to mind, Nils. :)

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