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    April 24, 2007



    What? NOooooooo....

    Oh man... I'm SO sorry, Nils.


    Well, shit. I'm sorry, Nils. I thought public office suited you. Or vice versa. You are so right about tomorrow. I'm counting on that, and history supports your assertion.
    I hope out of this race doesn't have to mean out of politics. Something good will happen tomorrow. And tomorrow.


    The desire to serve in public office is something not everyone has, and often, those who do are not up to the task. While I realize fully that my aquaintance with you is limited, what I know of you convinces me that you are one of the rare ones with the ability, the conscience, AND the desire. I'm sorry for your disappointment this time, but I don't believe you are defeated... just deferred to another opportunity down the road.


    Fuck! I'm...speechless. I thought all the stupid people lived here in the know...the ones who voted for Bush. It's their loss, Nils. You must know this. Count on it that the rest of us do. And..uh. Weiner? Before you say anything? Shut the Fuck up.


    Dont know anything about the politics in your country.All I know is that you tried your very best--and thats what counts.Winning--losing, its all a part of the 'game of life'.

    sara sue

    I'm sorry you lost, Nilsey. Any reason why you won't run again?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, that sucks about seven shades of donkey dick.

    Those who would come here and gloat about this are donkey felchers.

    That is all.


    Oh crap, I'm so sorry. Take some time - I know you put everything into this - and then try again. I know you'd be great at it and you really care about the issues. That counts for a lot. Anyone who disagrees can bite me arse...


    Funny, we never congratulate the candidate who cares enough about the issues to step up to the plate and actually run for office, regardless of what people might say about him/her. They take that risk because they have enough passion about the issues to put their hat into the ring and go for it, win or lose. So congrats to you for caring enough about this island to want to run for office in the first place. As for those who gloat, there will always be a fair number of people who will bitch and whine about the issues, and gloat when the candidate loses, but it's easy for them to do so from behind the computer screen. I'd like to see them stand up to the plate and run for office themselves. I doubt they could handle the publicity.

    Today is that tomorrow, and I know there are good things in store for you down the road. Always has been, always will be.

    Robert Paterson

    Dear Nils
    It must be the pits.
    Thinking of you


    You did'n't lose, you just didn't win. Something good will happen.


    PEI just lost out on one good leader....but think of it this will have more time to spend with your soon-to-be-here grandchild!!

    and i'm scared to ask--but what's a donkey felcher?


    Sorry to hear you didn't make it Nils. I thought you would have been a great candidate. Someone who say what needed to be said. Plus beating Ghiz would have been a from of worldly Justice. Remember Nils you didn't lose you just didn't win. You did come in second if you were in the Olympics you would have won a a silver medal and people in Canada today would be talking about how great you done. Just like the Olympics make sure you come back in 4 years for another try..okay!


    Aw, rats.

    Jim Fogg

    Nils, good on you for stepping up! Not everyone has the cajones to do so. Doesn't make it easier to accept a loss. At least you can look in the mirror and know you gave it a good and proper go.



    Well, I don't know about there, but here, it's about getting your name out there. No one wins their first race. Don't let it scare you out of politics if it's something you really want to do.

    Still, it never feels good.

    Better day today.



    Thanks for caring enough to step up to the plate and swing the bat. Good on ya.


    It's their loss.


    Very saddened by that news. But I don't see you leaving politics. Seriously? You of all people should know that the public, especially the voting public, is a fickle bunch. And apparently, as in this case, with no taste or common sense. But the first rule of politics is never to give up. This was just round 1 to get your hat in the ring.

    Something good will happen tomorrow for sure. And if not, then the day after. ;-)


    oh, wtf?




    Hey, folks ... thanks for all the kind wishes - you're all good friends.

    I want to emphasize that although I hate to lose, I lost to a terrific person who will be a fine candidate. I'll have no part of any criticism of him, implied or inferred, and I wish him only the best in his efforts.

    Politics is what it is. You make your case, and people either decide you're the best one to represent them or they decide in favour of another. In this case, the delegates at the convention made their choice and I not only abide by, but I support their decision completely.

    It's not the time right now for me to make a decision on some imaginary "next time". I have wounds to lick, and I'll do that and sook for a bit and then I'll be fine. That's normal, and natural, and I think anyone who has been around politics understands it.

    I'm not embarrassed or ashamed. I stood up to be counted, and it just wasn't my time. As I said in the original post - it happens.

    But I am warmed by your concern for me and your belief that there's room for my voice. I'm not going anywhere, and I have more than one way to have that voice be heard.


    Nils wrote: "It's not the time right now for me to make a decision on some imaginary "next time". I have wounds to lick, and I'll do that and sook for a bit and then I'll be fine. That's normal, and natural, and I think anyone who has been around politics understands it."
    Been there and done it and know exactly how you are feeling. Good for you for giving it your best shot. We wear different colored team sweaters but I have great admiration for anyone who puts themselves out there in a world where it is open season on all people political.
    That's the thing about is what it is and the only certainty is that the sun will come up tomorrow. Because I did everything humanly possible to win my district last time, I never had any regrets and you won't either. There will always be gutless "Weiners" in this world who hide behind fake personas to say things they would never say to your face and my mantra in life is that those who like me like me well and those who don't can go to hell! Works for me.

    Craig Willson

    Not only did Nils not lose, much better - he won on many levels. What passes for a democratic system is the better for having Nils put his name forward and the Tory party is better for having Nils stand in front of the room to explain his reasons for why they should vote for him.

    I know people. People who are cranky, critical, demanding and most of all, informed. They tell me that Nils made a presentation that has set a new level for others to reach for. I am told that his grace and good nature through the process was (and is) noted by many. There are those that have commented that George Macdonald (chosen by the back room - and of the 'old way') lost by only 157 votes to Robert Ghiz. That the candidate that gained more votes than Nils is also selected by the back room and of the 'old way', there are those who wonder aloud if the party missed an opportunity to take a chance on someone new and actually defeat Robert.

    It is regrettable that the outcome was pre-destined months ago, but Nils has much to be proud of.


    I was there. I heard the speeches. I've met the candidates. Robert Ghiz can kick back and relax- his job is secure.

    Von Krankipantzen

    Oh poop! I am sorry to hear this bad news. Looking on the bright side now you will have more free time to be a Nilbo to the upcoming new edition as well as foster more puppies.



    Nilbo, I'm sorry it didn't go your way this time.
    I sincerely admire you for trying, and I've really enjoyed reading all of your other posts about this particular endeavor.

    Amd your voice should be heard - you're just too darned smart and entertaining for it to go to waste!

    Take care,


    I'm sorry you didn't win. But, hell, you gave it your best shot. Their loss. This just means that you need your time for something better.


    Aw, suck. You have all my admiration, though. Way to put yourself out there, Nils, seriously. You should feel so proud of yourself.

    Hey. Would it make you feel any better if I flashed my boobs at you?

    What?! I'm just asking!


    I dunno, Cat. I'm so ... gutted. So utterly despondent. I think ... maybe that might help. So anybody who wants to follow Cat's suggestion can email me ...

    Ed Brown


    I lost the first time. If at first you don't suck seed they try and try again!

    I got in second time round and am now a District Councillor. Man, you should see the paperwork - go chop down some more trees!!!!

    Sorry to hear you didn;t get in but it was great to see you again at Henshaw - meet again next year?

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