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    March 27, 2007



    I am glad to see you are back safe and sound.


    I just rolled out of bed about 45 minutes ago, but after reading this post I think I'm tempted to crawl between the sheets and lapse into a lovely state of unconscious. Glad you're back. The internets were strangely empty in your absence.


    unconsciousness. sorry.


    Reading this post just tired me out! Welcome home guys!


    Well.. glad your home and all that..(I have missed your posts!) but I just wanted to comment that I randomly read the blogs you have linked here, have found quite a few that I read every day, and I chose AmandaB today thinking that maybe she started a new site...(I remember your post about her quitting and why..) so I clicked on the link and was redirected to.... a Kenny Rogers site! Strange. Just strange.

    sara sue

    Welcome home Lings!

    Amanda B. was really Kenny Rogers all along?!


    Thank god you're back. Things have been way too quiet and well-behaved in the blogosphere.


    I'm glad you're back safe and sound. I certainly didn't envy you that last day of travel...

    Now, do you think that amzing bruschetta you made last week would survive in the mail? Otherwise you'll have to come back and make me some more. I have withdrawal symptoms already...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I hate cutting it close with travel, especially air travel. If I ever have to travel that way again on a regular basis, it will likely give me a heart attack.

    Now I'm confused, though; I thought Amanda B. was really Lionel Richie.


    So, lemme get this straight. You're running behind, yet you still squeeze in a stop at the duty free shop for booze? You deserved every second of that mad dash you made to the plane.


    Kelli: And hence the eyeroll he got when he finally made it to the plane. I totally would have boarded without him.


    I get pissed at Rob when he's in the bathroom when they start to call for boarding...I can't imagine my wrath if he'd been buying booze.

    Nils Ling

    "Booze"? It wasn't "booze". It was fifteen year old single malt scotch, aged in wood casks seasoned with madeira and available at duty-free prices. For that, you risk missing a plane.

    "Booze" indeed.

    sara sue

    Well worth missing a silly flight for!



    The Kept Woman

    Whew...I was beginning to think you might have fallen off the face of the Earth...or eaten some really bad Bangers and Mash...

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