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    February 26, 2007



    Hi! And Happy Birthday, Nils!


    Happy burfday Nils XX


    I'm a Happy Birthday Nils! I really enjoy reading your blog. I stumbled across it when you were telling the story of how your parents got engaged, and have been hooked ever since. I love seeing pictures of the island. I love the puppy vids. Keep up the good work, and I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    Lisa from Ohio


    hey there hi there and happy birthday! your IM request didn't work correctly - it keeps throwing an error?
    I love any excuse to go shopping.


    Happy Birthday Nils.


    hi! happy birthday :]


    Happy Happy Birthday Nils! Hope you have a wonderful day!


    Woo! Happy Birthday!

    Maybe I'll eat, er BUY a cake in your honor!

    (I wonder if Hubby will buy this as an excuse for me to go shopping...)


    Hi and Happy Birthday from far away New Brunswick.


    Hey, Bente - thanks a lot!

    Welcome, Katieboytoy - appreciate the wishes. Is "Burfing" the same general idea as "sharting"?

    Thanks for de-lurking, Lisa in Ohio. Seems you have the same last name as a whole troupe of cousins of mine in B.C. We may be related!

    Operagal - confused by your reference to an IM ...? I've emailed you for clarification. And enjoy your shopping.

    Hey, Willam - always great to see you.


    Thanks for the barfday wishes, Gora!

    Hey, Sandy - right back atcha.

    Awwww CK ... you don't need cake to be sweet. And I'm sure he'll go along with the shopping - just tell him you're going to a lingerie store!

    Ohhh, lala - hello to you in the place we Islanders call "The World's Widest Bridge Ramp" (g)

    sara sue

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Ling! Thank you so much for the lovely gift...hand me the C sized batteries!


    Happy Birthday!
    I'm flashing you my boobs.


    Happy Birthday to Mr. Ling. I shall buy something chocolate in honor of the most happy day. But I would probably buy something chocolate anyway so maybe I will buy some wine also. And a book.


    Happy Birthday, Nils! Thanks for the shopping permission; although I probably won't get to do that . . . but wait, there's amazon! Yes!
    You sure you don't want any gifts? You like Doritos?


    Yay! Typepad fixed itself so I could comment. I hope you have an extra special day. Maybe one of your musical daughters will play a little concert for you. That would be lovely.


    Hi! Happy Birthday! :) Hope it is a good day for you.


    Happy Birthday...ready to beat your age at Stanhope GC this summer?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Happy birthday! I'm flashing you Torrie's boobs.

    And I didn't even know I was shopping on your behalf when I bought myself a kick-ass office chair this morning. Now I feel like I should put a bow on it or something...


    Happy Birthday, Nils! I bought myself two large lattes over the course of today to keep myself awake in a very long meeting... They made me happy AND kept me awake: double prizes!


    Thara: C Batteries? Really? I see you more of a Black n Decker pull start kinda gal;

    Torrie: That's what that was? I was thinking "eclipse".

    Deneen: spoil yourself. That's what Nils's Birthday is for;

    Susie: No gifts for me, thanks. But with all the joy you spread around, I want YOU to get something for YOU. THAT will be my gift, and I fully expect you to take my wishes seriously;

    Wordgirl: my daughters came through with a new LCD monitor for their dad - what I want is .. well, see above.

    Hey, Katie - thanks a lot. It's wonderful seeing how Nils's Birthday is celebrated around the world!

    Lurker: I can beat my age - for nine holes. I think this year I'll focus on beating my WEIGHT,

    Bucky: Technically, it's not an "office chair" if it has stirrups. And however you want to decorate it is fine by me.

    Emma: made you happy and keeps you awake - sort of like me, in a nutshell. Although sometimes the "staying awake" part is a challenge.


    I'm struggling to stay awake here... maybe I need a couple of lattes... or maybe a really tall Coke.


    Happy Birthday Nils!! I'm a regular lurker who visits regularly, you're like my daily infusion of PEI while I'm up here in Newfoundland for school. I hope you have a wonderful day-make it the week!


    Happy Birthday to you, and for myself I bought a water heater. I'm so good to me.


    Hey, have a wonderful birthday!

    Today is my Mum's birthday as well. I still need to call her in good old S'toon, Sask. She is the big 63 today! Good old 1944 she made her lovely appearance in PA, Saskatchewan.

    Wow, I get to buy myself something?? What a great idea. I will let you know what I got soon:) I already slept the morning away as a treat, maybe that will be my gift to myself, because I really did enjoy it:)

    Hope you have an awesome day!


    Happy birthday to one of my favorite men. Favorite people, even. Smart, sexy, and one hell of a spanker.


    Happy Birthday, Nils! and many more to come....

    My gift today is having my MisterDOF home from the hospital, and a paid Sick Day to help with expenses.
    He passed a kidney stone over the weekend, and Thank Heaven he did, so no further medical interventions are needed.

    I like everybody else's gifts a whole bunch.
    Bucky's chair with a ribbon would be really nice. This one of mine is getting on in age, but the ass-groove is juuust riiight, so I hesitate shopping for a replacement.

    Jim Fogg

    Hi Nils Happy Birthday

    A fellow Pisces....hmmmmm, I think I'll buy myself a nice glass of red wine!



    Hi Nils

    Happy Birthday from Kris a lurker in Las Vegas. I got hooked reading your parents story ( lurk on William's blog too and got the link there) and now just check in to see what's going on in your world now and again.

    Again best regards on your birthday!


    BTW, as you can tell, I didn't preview before posting. I usually have a much better command of punctuation and complete sentences.

    My apologies



    Hi! I'll de-lurk to say Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great one. We'll have some pizza in your honor.


    Happy Birthday, Nils! This is also my ex-husband's birthday. So now, since it's your birthday, I have a good reason to remember this day.

    I'm raising a glass of wine to you! Hope it's been a great day!


    Happy Birthday, Nils! I love reading your blog. My birthday was on Friday so I bought myself several books and am happy to be enjoying some reading and reflection on a rainy day....


    happy birthday


    Happy Birthday!! :o)

    Von Krankipantzen

    Very Happy Birthday wishes from rainy Vancouver.


    Happy Birthday, Nilbo! I almost didn't make it on time, as I was thinking I barely had the energy to go blog surfing tonight. Hope it was a great day! (and thanks for the shopping suggestion; now I can get myself a little trifle and think, "Nils would approve." (or not, heh, heh.)


    Happy Belated Birthday! Long time lurker here from Houston, Texas. We had a warm spell this weekend so in honor of your birthday I bought two pairs of sandals. :-)


    Singing. Loudly. With a bit of a Marilyn impersonation. "Happy Birthday...."


    De-lurking to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday!

    Gift to myself per your instructions: The Roches - Can We Go Home CD from iTunes. It's downloading as we speak!


    Happy Birthday, Nils! Sorry I'm late.

    I bought a little something something so I can make a little something something homemade for Amanda B's BABY!

    I'm happy for her and Husbando!


    P.S. I cannot wait to see your reply to kalki's spanker compliment!

    The Kept Woman

    Hi there and happy birthday!!!!

    I will go ahead and count the lube from this weekend as your birthday gift although I know you were waiting for a picture of the lube in use...


    Happy Birthday, BElated, too. :)

    Nils Ling

    CK: That Coke'll kill ya, sweetie;
    Tam: Hi up there on the rock!
    Candace: When you settle into a nice hot bath with a good book, you'll realize what a nice gift you gave yourself;

    Lowa: I did have a lovely day, thanks - and best wishes to your mom. Now go get yourself a proper gift;

    Kalki: Why, yes ... I AM an excellent spanker - what tipped you off? (I know everybody expected me to come back with something funny, but ... sometimes what Kalki says leaves my jaw hanging);

    MsDoF - never underestimate the joys of a good ass-groove;

    James: Have two - you're a growing boy;

    Hey, Kris - thanks for the wishes, and I have to say that's the first time I've read "hooked" and "Vegas" used in a sentence in that context;

    Karen's bringing the pizza, Squirl's got the wine - it's a party!

    TU, Carolyn, Kranki - thanks a bunch , alla youse;

    Ortizzle: Nils always approves;

    Shell - send some of the warm stuff up. I won't be wearing sandals till July;

    Homestead: that'll keep me in my seat - with something covering my lap!

    Lisa: The Roches rock ... love 'em;

    Sheyl - THAT was a wonderful Nils's Birthday gift. Yet another reason for Amanda to remember the day! And I choked on my Kalki response. I owe her one comment that makes her fall off her chair;

    TKW: Enjoy. The lube isn't the gift - it's what it leads to. So when you're having the hot sex, just think of me. Oh, wait - you probably already do;

    Hey, Laura, thanks :) Better late than never, I guess :)


    Good GOD... how long are you going to milk this birthday thing for? Heh... ;)

    Nils Ling

    CK, I'm surprised. You should know that Nils's Birthday is celebrated around the world in many different ways. Generally, folks leave the Nils's Birthday trees up till the 6th of March, which is sometimes called "New Nils's Birthday" because of differences in the Julian and Christian calendars.

    Honestly - don't people pay attention any more?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, if we're still celebrating your birthday, then I feel justified in buying myself a whole basket full of shiny new buttplugs.

    To do anything else would be...unpatriotic.


    Hey--happy happy birthday Nils.I not only bought myself a gift, but bought for my kids too.Didnt know it was your birthday,but still i 'dedicate' it to you :-)


    I'm sorry... did you say something Nils?


    Well, better late than never....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I went out and got myself a Creme Brulee chocolate from Godiva. I hope you approve.

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