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    February 15, 2007



    You mean, there are people who are NOT like us in the world?? GAH! Terrifying.

    Jim Fogg

    Hi Nils
    I see you've been teaching at a local high school. I must say I had no idea you had taken education and were a teacher. You learn something new everyday.


    I'm that person, too. I'm losing my mind here where there is no way to talk to people unless they come to my blog or I go to theirs. These days, converstaion sounds too much like the clicking of a computer keyboard and not enough like the tonal fluctuations of real human voices.

    So much so that I decided yesterday to get my ass in gear, grab my resume and head down to the children's hospital (through which I teach art at a summer medical camp for kids with there are connections)where I'm going to go to the Human Resources Department, get someone drunk at lunch and beg them to give me a job where I can write...even part time.

    I've missed your coming by my blog "desk" and asking me who I'm calling or what I'm doing. It matters. And...for the record...I'll be you're a fabulous teacher. Here's your apple.


    "Conversation". Sorry.


    I've heard there are people "out there" that are not like us... but I thought that was only a rumor.

    And, for the record, I for one believe you were NEVER innocent, Nils.


    I happen to like US. We're all in this for the fun of it. Some have more fun than others, of course. ;)

    But maybe we don't need the school-kids here just yet.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    What, it's not like anybody meets anyone off the Internets and has sex with them...

    Um. OK. Maybe somebody does. Of course, I wouldn't know anything about that. Ahem.

    On the other hand, I DO have a luncheon date tomorrow with an internets vixen. I just hope she doesn't turn out to be one of them there predators.

    sara sue

    "grotty AOL chat rooms where women of questionable morals would run up enormous internet bills and spend all their time flirting with random horny net geeks till 5 AM"

    Like that didn't happen on IRC!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    Welcome back, Teach!


    See, I knew Sara would immediately spot a major error in this post...(g).


    Come sit on the corner of my desk. I promise not to faint.

    Robert Paterson

    Hi Nils
    Have you thought about joining the Queen Street Commons?
    For us work at homes - it is a haven


    You could sit on the edge of my desk and talk to me, but I'll warn you now -- trying to look down my shirt will be futile.


    We bloggers have become "circles of friends" for one another for various reasons related to some type of isolation. And thank god we have our blogs. I'd have gone completely stir crazy without them.

    I am compelled to ask just one question. You said, "...women of questionable morals would run up enormous internet bills and spend all their time flirting with random horny net geeks till 5 AM." How do you know these women do this until that hour? Did you read a review somewhere? I'm rather certain you didn't take part in that or even lurk watching/listening to such (shudder) awful things. So HOW??


    Wow. Computers and do you, an official grammar official deal with all of the "U R Gr8" and "l8r dude." Type of stuff.


    this post made me think about when I was in college in the 80s - and spent so much time WITH PEOPLE. and now I find I am in the same "front of the PC rut" you describe.
    what happened to all of us?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Opera gal - THE INTERNETS happened to us. :)

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