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    February 07, 2007



    I love this post, Nils.

    How you feeling today??


    Always good to challenge something with a question.


    asking the right questions can get the fear mongering started too..."what if's" are always fun!


    I would totally have a crush on the teacher.


    Is it hot in here or is it just me? Global Warming....or just the notion of having Nils at the chalkboard and writing my name up there for being "bad".


    Wordgirl and Kalki are such brown nosers. I bet they even volunterr to clap Mr. Nilbo's erasers after class.

    Nils Ling

    William, I think you're a disruptive influence. Spend the rest of class out in the hall. Wordgirl and Kalki ... I'd like you two to stay behind and help me with a special project ...

    John Tilton

    Nils, you rock! I love this post.

    Questions are definitely healthy for true science - make those young 'uns think for a change!

    John Tilton

    And I saw William shooting spitwads at the back of Wordgirl's head.


    Sorry I'm late Mr. Ling...

    What did I miss?

    Nils Ling

    Late? Well, that's a detention. Oh ... and nice outfit.


    winter didnt kick in until Feb here - if this is global warming, i might just be ok with it. (joke, people) i'm happy that recycling seems to be pretty active around here compared to when I was growing up.


    Even if everything that's said about global warming isn't 100% accurate we still need to be nice to our Mother Earth.


    Good post, Sir! Very thought provoking... I will see if Stumpy has an opinion although I think that all they are taught is that global warming is happening, it is down to us and we can only slow it down by reducing CO2 emissions... My opinion is that we need to do *something* so I'll carry on recycling and forcing people at gunpoint to turn their PC monitors off at night when they leave work...


    You like the outfit? I heard there was some skeevy old guy teaching class and I wanted to get a "A"...

    Nils Ling

    You had an "A" right up till you called me a skeevy old guy. Now you'll have to earn it the old-fashioned way.

    Today I'm teaching Math. You cannot imagine how much this amuses me.

    Nils Ling

    Not amused by the math. Amused by the fact they've asked me to teach it. If they only knew.


    I didn't CALL YOU a skeevy old guy... I said I heard someone else call you a skeevy old guy... it's all symantecs. You should know that, you're a writer. ;)

    Math? Anything above basic math, and I'm pretty much lost. Waaaaaaay back in high school, I got a B in (basic) Algebra and then a C in Geometry. I stopped there. I'm hoping my children get their math smarts from Hubby. He's got some mad Trig skills.


    Math, eh? Well, have fun with that. Our daughter is taking grade 9 algebra in 7th grade, and I "help" her with her homework -- by which I mean I stare blankly at her assignment while she puzzles out how to do it, but she says it helps having me there to talk it out. **shrugs** OK, whatever. But if you were her math teacher, I'm certain I'd start going to class with her.


    Regardless of the rate of global warmning, I don't think we can deny that it exists. I recommend you rent the movie "Who killed the electric car?" if you haven't seen it. I am far less concerned with the exactness of scientific predictions than the fact that something very real is being swept under the carpet by big business interests who control lawmakers. In the U.S., anyway. Which is also probably why the Kyoto agreement sounds so ridiculous. Of course the amounts they are proposing are absurb, and would make you wonder if the sky is really falling. The problem is that no one is proposing the amounts of reduction we really NEED to make in order to preserve the environment. Hmmmm.... could this be Big Business interfering again? Is the Pope German? Does the sun set in the west? The sky may not be falling, but I think it's high time Chicken Little got his ass moving.

    Recycle? I wish the U.S. would take it as seriously as the rest of the world has for the last 20 years. I bet Canada is WAY ahead of us. Bless you for bringing up the subject.

    anonymous in florida

    when are you going to update this blog, Mr. Ling? Are you writing a book or something? ;)


    I agree with the very wise Anonymous in Florida. Come on, post something new! :)


    Happy Valentine's Day, Nilbo! I suppose I could just as easily have wished you a happy Wednesday, but it just doesn't call for chocolate in the same way.


    Happy Valentine's Day, Nilbo!

    (that's code for update the damn blog already!)

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