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    January 30, 2007



    I'm sorry Nils. My sympathies to Joyce and her family, it's always hard to say goodbye.
    And how wonderful that Allie and Erin will play at her funeral. Doubtless that woulld have made her very proud. :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Heartfelt condolences and huge hugs to your wife and all of you. Just because a loss is not a surprise doesn't make it any less painful. I'll be thinking about all of you.


    I'm sorry Nils. Please extend my condolences to Joyce, Erin and Allie, too.

    Travel safely. You will all be in my thoughts.


    I am so sorry for your's and your family's loss. Many good thoughts and prayers for you.


    Much love and huge hugs to all of you, but especially Joyce, at this sad time. Safe journey. x

    Jim Fogg

    Sorry for your loss, been there done that, not fun but part of the journey. All my best to Joyce, Susan and the rest of the family.



    Sara Sue

    I'm so sorry, Nils. Please know that you are ALL in my thoughts and prayers and have a safe trip.


    It's difficult, n'est ce pas? God speed, to you, your family, and of course, to Vera.

    Robert Paterson

    Nils .......
    Yes "I love you" is maybe the best.
    Hugs from Rob


    My sympathy for your loss, and please give the message to your womenfolk.
    It's nice that the girls will be able to be part of the service for their grandma. My sister-in-law played a borrowed violin at her dad's service, and friends still mention how beautiful it sounded.

    Safe travels, and be well with your family.
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane


    sorry about your mother-in-law. it is hard, even when it's expected. take care.


    I'm sorry for your family's loss, Nils.


    Our thoughts are with you.


    Dear Joyce and family - Our sympathy to all on the lost of your mom. Our thoughts are with you.
    Carolyn & Scott


    My sincere condolences. It hasn't been that long since my family kept that same vigil at my mother's bedside.

    Give your wife a hug from me and tell her it sucks to lose a mother. But our mothers are now in a better place.

    Please take time to heal.


    I'm holding all of you in my heart.


    I'm just so sorry. I saw your comment on Kelli's blog and I wondered what else was going on. I was just poised to write to you and ask. Alzheimers is bitch. Bryan's grandmother has it and, at 94, her family has ceased to exist for her. Death almost seems more merciful than a disease that would steal one's mind before the body was ready to go. Your family will be in my thoughts...and Nils? The thought of your beautiful daughters playing those instruments with love and skill brings tears to my eyes when I try to imagine it.


    Thinking of you and your family, Nils. May there be much sweetness in your bittersweet trip.


    I'm so sorry. I'm sending hope for peace to all of your family. It can be such a mixed feeling, I know, when someone passes away who has been so sick for so long. I hope you and all the family enjoy a wonderful celebration of her life.

    Von Krankipantzen

    I am so sorry. Hugs to you all.


    I am sorry for your loss.


    I so sorry for your loss.

    My mom wasn't in her body for at least 2 years. Alzheimer's is a vile affliction.

    It often happens that a person holds on until loved ones are out of the room before they leave to spare them those rough last minutes. I'm sure Vera wanted to spare the love of her life.

    Hugs to all your family.


    Please pass on my heartfelt condolences to your lovely wife.


    So sorry, Nils. Please convey to your wife my deepest sympathy. Losing one's mother is never easy even when we think we're ready for it. Thinking of you all...


    My deepest condolences.And i love your attitude.Especially loved the last line in your post.


    so sorry

    as others have posted, Alzheimer is terrible. My Nanny had it and it was kind of , dare i say it, a relief when she died. For 2 or so years she did not recognize us, even though Mom, her daughter, visited every day and I would do the same when I was home for a visit. She seemed to really enjoy the visits when I brought my dogs along.

    Keep the good memories alive.


    Oh, man. My condolences, really. And virtual hugs. Lots of 'em.


    So sorry for your loss, Nils. Hope your wife is doing well. Take care.

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