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    January 25, 2007




    You guys and your thimble-bladders... I'm never before realized how happy I am to be dispossessed of a prostate. But hey, when you get up to pee, would you give the puppies a little kiss for me? Thanks.


    By "puppies" you mean the young dogs in my office, right?


    Hee hee, your wife is an evil genius of the best kind. I bow down to her! Now go and check that the front door's locked will ya?


    Can you kiss the other "puppies" by yourself? Because if you can, that might be pretty entertaining, so forget the young dogs. ;)

    Of course, if you could do that, you would forget the young dogs, and then there'd be an even bigger mess in your office. Nope, better save the kisses for the dogs, then.


    Women are very, very smart. :-)


    I think my husband and I are pretty equal on the peeing front, but I do have a bad habit of worrying about whether a door is locked or not. And I worry about it aloud. But guess what? Bryan always says, "yeah...I'm not sure whether or not it's actually locked or not, but it's probably okay."

    And then there is silence while I toss and turn. He knows that I won't be able to sleep until I check it out. He's evil that way.

    Robert Paterson

    Oh Nils - maybe you and I can form the Macademia society of fire watchers?

    Now I have interviewed Sar Fraser on Solar water heating - what about Wood stoves and stoking at the Ling house?
    Your friend of the many rises at night
    Rob macadamia


    There was the time I couldn't remember if I'd shut the "venting" windows in the van -- and it was pouring rain outside. My husband (bless his heart) agreed that we really couldn't see those back van windows from our bedroom window, and said "Oh, they're probably ok..." with just enough disbelief in his voice that I went out to check... in the rain, in my long nightshirt pajamas. I came back inside to see him laughing hysterically because he had gone out earlier and was "pretty sure" the windows in the van were all shut tight.

    Can you blame us women for messing with our man's minds now and then? It's part revenge, part pure fun.


    oh great..I didn't have to pee until I read your post...Thanks alot!

    The Kept Woman

    Your wife is pure evil but I have to say she sounds hilarious.

    I want heated ceramic tile floors in my next house...I HATE cold tootsies in the middle of the night.


    I am curious about the ostrich feather.


    That was hilariuos, because it rang so true and familiar. :-)Your wife is a very clever lady.The again,the female of the species is always deadlier than the male!

    Sara Sue

    Please post pictures of "kissing the puppies", whatever that may mean!

    Oh, and please tell your lovely wife that I just love her!


    Have you had your prostate checked? It could help with the getting up in the night thing. But I wouldn't want to take away your wife's task-doer, so maybe you should just let that doctor visit slide. It's an unpleasant one anyway.


    I'm the one with the bladder the size of a macadamia nut in this house. But The Husband never asks me to check on anything, remove bread from the freezer or stoke the fires. And in fact, I am in the evil habit of waiting until we are just about to drift off to sleep before saying, "Did you remember to plug your cell phone in to charge it?" He almost never does.


    Hope you're feeling better today! While you're sick, you should take advantage of the situation by asking your wife to check on certain things during the night. (g).

    however, just so YOU know, she sounds like a bright woman and the payback might be hell! LOLOL


    Yeah, I'm the one in this household who might have to make the middle-of-the-night run. But that's it, to the bathroom and back.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Squirl, at least your bathroom is right next to your bedroom. And I definitely beat you for number of night-time pee pilgrimages when I was at your place last week.

    Sibling rivalry: who REALLY has the smaller bladder?


    Or the question could be, who drinks the most water?


    Oh, I hear you on this. Fortunately, Rob doesn't give me tasks, so I can quite nearly get up and pee and come back, all in my sleep.

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