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    January 07, 2007



    What a lovely assignment, er... suggestion! I'm sure Bucky will have something interesting to say about your starfish in bed, so I'll look forward to reading that.


    It's about 11:15 here now, and I've been out of bed for about three hours. In that time, I've folded and put away the clean laundry, straightened up the many rooms in the house, brought all the toys downstairs to the fabulously soundproofed playroom and started a load of dishes in the dishwasher. The kids are downstairs in the aforementioned playroom, and I just sat down to eat my bowl of cereal (knowing that in about 45 mins the kids will want lunch). I took a couple of moments to flip quietly through a catalog full of clothes I'll own *someday* and now I'm surfing my favorite blogs.

    Your list has helped me "claim" the quietude around me, reminded me to take a deep breath, exhale slowly... and NOT write the blog entry I was going to write just now. :)

    Enjoy your favorite day of the week, Nils. I hear footsteps on the stairs... gotta go.


    Oh yeah...the cat has those moments here too. In the mornings, when he is feeling especially affectionate?
    Just a little paw tap on my face - c,mon mom, wake up.
    The rest of the time? I'm just that tall thing that feeds him.


    I love the moments when I visit one of my racehorses at the track and after he finishes snuffling me all over and making sure I don't have an extra carrot anywhere, I lean up against the stall guard with my face to the sun and my horse leans his head over my shoulder, his soft face an inch away from mine, and we both sigh contendedly (yes, horses do that) and just soak up some rays together, happy and at peace. It's the best.


    ...looking up and finding each of our sons completely engrossed in a book. We're both big readers and it would have been a singular tragedy for even one of our kids to be the kind of person who DID NOT take pleasure in the written word.

    ...evening walks with Bryan through our neighborhood or along the river. Or...that moment in the evening when we've attended to everyone else and finally get to pour glass of wine or have a beer and talk to each other.

    ...being with my sisters when we're not talking about politics or religion and, instead, we talk about the things we really like such as crazy tv shows or knitting or blogs.

    ...lunch with my girlfriends. It's something I love deeply but find myself not doing it enough. We always say we should do this stuff more often and yet we never do.

    ...moments watching a funny movie with Bryan and the kids. When all of us are's the best.


    It's just after 3PM, and Erin left a little while ago. She'll be back for dinner - roast beef tonight, so not a hard sell.

    Over breakfast - and in the family room later - we had conversations that ranged from substitute teaching and the scariness of Grade One students to politics to moral dilemmas to music. At one point, Erin ran up and got Allison's mandolin and Allison played a few tunes (the tuning on a mandolin is the same as on a violin, so a fiddle tune is played the same way. More or less) We all tried scratching out something recognizable, with varying degrees of success.

    Now both girls are out, my wife has taken Roxy for a long walk, and I'm alone in the house. Another wonderful moment.


    I love it when… I get up early enough on a Sunday morning to buy some fresh chicken tamales "en salsa verde" at the Michoacana. Then Luis and I have our tamales with piping hot black coffee and yak for ages about "remember when" and solve the problems of the world. Or forget them, as the case may be. Putting everything aside and just enjoying the moment… those are the best times. And reading about everyone else's "feel good" moments.

    Thanks for giving us the nudge to think about those moments, and thanks for sharing yours, which made me smile and feel warm.


    I love it when the cat doesn't put his face right next to mine at 6 in the morning and complain very loudly that he's hungry and would we please get out of bed already?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Honestly, what kind of opinion do you people have of me?

    Do you really think I would dwell on Nilbo's starfish in the midst of such a heartfelt post?

    (Oh, alright, ya got me. I love...giggling about Nilbo's starfish)


    Tee hee, Bucky. We expect no less from you. :)

    I love getting up early on a weekend morning and walking with Ichabod over to our favorite little breakfast place. If it happens to be Sunday and I have no other plans for the day then I'll pick up the Sunday Free Press and enjoy going through that.

    I know newspaper articles are online. But, we have recycling. And my mother used to give me the newspaper with articles highlighted. So it's a way to stay in touch with her, too.


    Nils, "alone in the house" means that you're having a smoke and a refreshing beverage.



    I love when Mark pulls me close at night and leans into my hair to breathe me in. I remember how that used to make me feel like running away or puking from anxiety.

    Now I love when I wake up on New Year's Eve morning with the flu and remember how I did actually puke on his pillow the night before, and afterward he helped me to the bathroom, changed the sheets, and helped me get dressed.

    I love when I realize he dressed me in the fugly babydoll nightgown his mother bought me for Christmas... and I love when he explains why he did it, because
    a. I looked sexy in it running back and forth to the toilet
    b. he knew it would be the only time I ever wore it and
    c. I wouldn't care if I puked on it and had to throw it away.


    I love it when the house is really clean from top to bottom and I can sit back and really enjoy it. That doesn't happen very often!

    Another of my favourites is when Stumpy is back from school and I can look in on her when she's fast asleep and her face is totally relaxed and I can still see something of the baby she once was.

    A final favourite is to be able to sit in a quiet house and read through all the blogs and catch up on what everyone's up to. I'm doing that now and it's pretty good. :)


    Awesome post! I love the moment when I'm half asleep and my husband gently puts his hand on back and says, "I love you" as he leaves for work. And I know I don't have to get up for another hour. I love when my dog Sampson wakes up. Every morning he wakes up incredibly happy and when he sees me he's even happier.


    All the Comments on this post are from females.
    Must mean Nilbo is quite the Ladies' Man.

    A happy moment happened yesterday. I was wearing my latest crocheted Comfort Shawl during a reception at church.
    I was talking to someone. A young mother was talking to someone else nearby. Her baby daughter reached out and grabbed onto my shawl and pulled it close and nuzzled it to her plump little cheek. Her mom and I felt the shifting difference, so both of us turned and noticed the clenched fist at the same time.
    What a blessing.
    I'm going to use the leftover yarn and make a small blankie for the baby girl.


    I'm going to love the moment I get into bed tonight for sleep.

    It's nearly 8:30pm, 2/3 of a bare Christmas tree remain in our living room. The rest of Christmas is packed away, ready to be taken downstairs. The kids are in bed, and I'll be heading to the grocery store just as soon as I'm sure Buddy is sleeping.

    I shall relish those 30 seconds between the time I get into bed and the time I'm fast asleep.


    ... the walk from my office building to my car each evening, when the fresh air and the possibilities of the evening renew my energy.

    ... when we're standing in the kitchen preparing dinner and sharing stories from the day and I uncork the wine bottle and wait for a quiet pause before pouring because I like the sound of the wine filling the glasses.

    ... lying in bed with a plump pillow propping my head, the snug weight of blankets on my body, and a book in my hand, tilted towards the soft light of the lamp.


    MrsDoF: Yeah, I'm a hunka hunka burnin' love, I am. It seems the ladies prefer short, stumpy, bald guys ... who knew? (wink, wink, finger guns, chk-chk noise)

    I love when everybody gets all poetic n stuff. Well done, everyone ...

    And Bucky, you know AND you encourage the opinions we have of you. And I have no idea where there is a double-entendre in "starfish".

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Look betwixt the cheeks of thine buttocks for the answer to this riddle.


    ...when the cat meows while she's purring so hard that she actually ends up making the cutest "chirping" noise.
    ...having a cup of tea and curling up with a good book.
    ...doing required school reading and actually enjoying it.
    ...having my far-away friends call or write just because they were thinking of me.

    Jim Fogg

    My office faces west and I'm surrounded by windows. In the winter I love the the big sky multi-coloured sunsets that I see near the end of my day. Equally as cool is when seemingly all of a sudden the sun starts setting later and later......a sign that spring isn't too far away.....


    A happy moment is when at about 3:30 in the morning, I'm in bed, snuggled up with my little girl in my arms, all contented after a feeding, my hubby blissfully snoring away right next to us and the world is silent (other than all that snoring) and peaceful. What could be better??!!

    Happy Day to you Nils!


    Bwaahh...ha-ha! I just saw Bucky's explanation of the starfish!! Just like Kurt Vonnegut's asterisk drawing in "Breakfast of Champions." Figuratively speaking, of course.

    The Kept Woman

    Currently the things that makes me happiest and most content is to sit in my house and look around. I feel comfortable, safe and thankful. It's hard to remember how lucky on is on any given day but when you really think about it it makes you feel satisfied.

    Sometimes the feelings of happiness and joy that I get from being in my house ALMOST makes me forget that I have to live in Wisconsin. I said ALMOST.


    A nice post--and a lovely assignment!There are many wonderful moments that I look forward to.One of the favourites being, when My kids come back from school and I'm waiting to receive them.They reward me with a million watt smile and kisses and hugs, as though we have been away for years!I love it!Also, early in the morning when I walk on the lawn in my garden with the ccup of coffee in my hand, looking at a new flower that has bloomed--I feel so happy.

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