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    January 12, 2007



    Ooooh, the cuteness!


    Oh, brilliant! The pictures are gorgeous and the video is brilliant - I love how little one appeared to cannon into you with such force that the camera wobbled! He'll be great fun, for sure. :)


    That puppy is a total camera hog, but he's trying hard to hide it.


    Yay, you're keeping one of the puppies!!!!! (Sucker.)


    Here in Wenatchee, we'd name them after apples, like Gala, Fuji, Cameo, etc... but on PEI, perhaps characters in the "Anne of Green Gables" tales? Whatever you call them, they're just too adorable not to keep one. And when you do, maybe Allie will stop bringing more home? Nah... what was I thinking?! ;)


    more videos!!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, hell - just box up the border collie and ship him to me.


    Ok ok ok... that one is tremendously, heart-breakingly cute.


    IS that John Stamos licking your neck?


    Almost too much cuteness to bear.

    Any names yet?


    ::high-fives William::


    It's late Saturday night, my time, and I've worked really hard all day. I've finally sat down and rushed over to see what the little fuzzballs have been up to today and there's nothing! I need more cuteness, dammit! ;)


    Yes, what are their names??? They're waaay too cute not to be named.


    AAAAWWWW!!Great stress buster.Great "feel good" pill:-)


    Names (and close-up pics) are posted at

    A hint: Shari wins.


    Your office will never smell the same again.;)


    I am SO glad we're two time zones away from all that cuteness. One look and the circus would be begging for those pups...

    Sara Sue

    Shameless pimping indeed! If I were closer, I'd adopt that b&w boy in a heart beat. Way to champion the less fortunate, Nils.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Nilbo Niblets, where are you? Have the puppies devoured you?


    Bucky, I think he cut his other thumb off.
    and then one of the puppies ran off with it...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Laura, thank you for one helluva visual!

    "Sit, Teddy, STAY, dammit!"


    either that, or he is snowed in and has lost power! AND Teddy ran off with the thumb...

    Cranky Chick

    There are no better or kinder people on the planet than those who will care for an abandoned puppy (or FOUR!). Very heartwarming... :)

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