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    January 17, 2007



    Well, heck. I was just about to brag that it was 27F or -3C in TEXAS. With snow, and sleet, and ice. But once again, Nilbo has won the bragfest.

    I sincerely hope the dog is not frozen to the hydrant. (There is a hydrant on your property?)

    Go chop some logs for a nice warm fire, Nilbo. ;-)


    Hey, I thought those were just vicious rumours about those two and their pants! Anyway, hurry up and post won't you? Some of us need updates - and it helps stave off having to pack until the last minute! ;)

    wordgirl I feel bad about bitching that it's 30 degrees here right now. Snow? Yes...but it's still only 30 degrees.


    Good thing you've got four furry warm puppies in the house to keep you warm! Perhaps you should keep one for next winter...


    Wow, that is cold. We've been in the single digits and the teens just lately. I'm so glad I have a garage for my car. Saves a lot of scraping time in the morning.

    Does Bucky need pants? I mean, there're always the assless chaps.


    What are you, new? It's CANADA, Nils. News flash - It's COLD in CANADA. I may not have as many smarts as you have, but even *I* knew that. Sheesh. Maybe all that cold has killed off too many of your brain cells...


    I know, it's cold from sea to shining sea! We had actual snow last week, here in Southern California!


    my brother is in Halifax and he says that there's supposed to be a thunderstorm overnight and tomorrow you're supposed to have degrees in the positive numbers! Get ready for a big storm!!

    I'm in Canada too and it's only about -5 or so Celsius!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I can too keep my pants on.

    I just choose not to.

    Na Ceàrdan

    Got down to -38ºC {-36°F}the other day out here northern Saskatchewan. I'd rather this 'Dry Cold' than the 'Damp Cold' of a -40ºC day back home on the Prince Edward Island. But my Chihuahuas don't seem as thrilled though!

    The Kept Woman

    After 0 F does it really matter how much lower the temp goes? It's all just so frickin' cold...I hope you have a heated mattress pad too...they're FABULOUS...


    Dude. I thought it was cold here. Never mind. ;)


    I can handle dry cold, and wet cold, and just-effing-cold cold, and even ridiculously, why-the-hell-do-we-live-in-this-godforsaken-country cold. What I can't handle? Water-pipes-frozen-so-no-laundry-or-hot-shower cold. And it happens at least three times a winter.

    (This is also bad because it means Dad owns a blowtorch, and we all know how THAT is gonna end.)


    ahhhh, the truth comes out. :)

    Jim Fogg

    Sorry, but no sympathy here. We're just ending a cold snap. The temp the other day was -10C, doesn't seem to bad, with the wind chill it was -41C. There seems to be very little differnce between -30C and -40C. The sunny skies really help and on a positve note there's very few mosquitos.


    Oh Allie, Nilbo and a blow torch? I am shutting my eyes but the mental picture of the likely consequences just won't go away! Like when my father offered to buy a chainsaw and cut my garden hedge...


    Are you ever going to update this site or are you going to sit around shshshsivvering because it's c-c-c-cold outside? Come on now, Nilbo. What temp is it in your nice warm office? ;)


    Oh, those signs had me roaring! I didn't know you were fostering MORE puppies! You're such a good guy, I'm going to go check out the pics next. Watch out for those wheelchair gangs - they'll take you down!

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