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    January 21, 2007



    It's posts like this one that make me want to visit you.


    Oh dear gawd... couldn't it just be an entrance? Why does it have to be 'rear'?? I'll be back later to see what Bucky has to say about it.


    Fabtastic news about the pups. I'm so glad they all found nice people and I know you'll get hit with keeping one next time...

    Wonderful photos! There's one here which has a picture of a duck on it. I have wanted to steal that sign for about 10 years now ...


    Glad I didn't verbally NAG you for a new post but--instead--simply drove your sitemeter batshit by checking your blog eight times a day.

    And Captain Scott apparently has no shame. We all have a rear entrance, but few of us go so far as to advertise. Jeez!


    What??!!! I merely got bored with reading the same c-c-c-ccold post over and over again. I figured your readers felt the same way. Besides, it's h-h-h-ot here and temps like this in the middle of January is irritating!

    I nominate Bucky to get up there and borrow the sign for Patti.

    Very cool to read about the puppy adoptions. I can't wait to see the next batch coming in. ;)

    (In all seriousness, however... kudos to Alli for all her work with the puppies. My daughter volunteers weekly with the SPCA also, but she works in the cat department. It is a very good thing she works with cats because if she brought home puppies, I don't think I'd ever be able to give them up!)

    As for Scott's Rear Entrance, if there's an admission charge, they could get arrested for that sort of thing. Notice the first sign says "Parking in Back"
    tsk tsk tsk!! you pervy Canadians... heavy on the innuedo, are ya. ;)


    Good news about the pups!

    The signs:

    The first one is easy = "Caution. Person with huge butt moving slowly across road."

    Captain Scott: hmmmm. I wonder if he has a web page.

    Jim Fogg

    Captain Scott's.......liquor in the in the rear.....or vice versa........


    I can't take full credit for the work with the pups. Without Mom and Dad helping with feeding and cleaning, I wouldn't be able to do it and have a social life! They have been awesome.

    Also, I am supposed to only work with kitties but I have to walk through the dog room to get there and that's how we keep ending up with pups.


    I'm glad the pups are getting good homes. One of these days you might be tempted enough to keep one for yourself, though.

    We'll have to see what Bucky has to say about the signs.

    Sara Sue

    Oh Nils...what a wonderful thing y'all are doing (AGAIN)! I love these posts because they give me a great excuse to sit here and cry! Keep up the great work!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is it my boots or my booty I'm supposed to be filling? Arrrrrr, he's an ass pirate!

    It's funny that Captain Scott would offer such free access to his rear entrance on a day when I've just followed Squirl through the produce department at the grocery store, suggesting ways in which the various vegetables could be made to fit into one's rectal orifice (some more snugly than others).


    Note to self: never shop for whole pineapples with Bucky.


    Or watermelons.


    vegetables, people...vegetables.


    Picky picky, operagal. In a game of "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?", I know which category pineapples fall into.

    Laura. plant lady

    Pineapples are bromeliads, btw.


    See, now, ONE person in a wheelchair wouldn't scare me. What I would be cautious about would be a whole pack of people in wheelchairs... like a gang. That sign should have multiple wheelchair stick figures on it.


    Hee. I'm still giggling over the pictures. Heh-heh.

    "Rear Entrance"... Hoo!

    What?! I'm twelve, okay?!


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