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    January 02, 2007



    That dog is having WAY too much fun. In fact, from the smile on her face I feel certain she's got a fifth of Jack hidden out there in a snowbank. I mean...what else could it be?


    Bunnies and mice. That's her equivalent of JD in a snowbank. Think about it. She lives on a farm and chases bunnies all day. And exactly how do we describe Dog Heaven? "Oh, yeah, sweetie. Rex has gone to a farm where he chases bunnies all day."

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Hmmm, that's odd. I usually describe Dog Heaven as "Oh, yeah, sweetie. Rex has gone to a farm where he eats cat poop all day."


    Great photos. Glad you did that close-up. Roxy is perfectly camouflaged with the landscape! (As, no doubt, are the bunnies).

    B.F.E.: Do dogs really eat cat poop? Man, that would put the litter box manufacturers out of a job. ;-)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Ortizzle - YES! Dogs LOVE cat poop. They think it is a fabulous delicacy.

    It would seem like a lot cheaper way to go than cat litter, but there's one huge drawback: dogs want to give people kisses. On the face.


    Beautiful scenery. Our relatives in Ontario didn't have snow for Christmas and said it felt very strange not to have to shovel out fromm under it.
    Roxy sure must be enjoying herself on these walks.


    She certainly looks like she's having a wonderful time...what a cutie!


    Stumpy and I are so, so jealous of Roxy right now. It looks absolutely beautiful there. We have rain and icy breezes!


    We have no snow and I'm not jillis at all. Roxy sure does look happy, though.


    LOL - that's a great photo of Roxy! I'll have to check out those pics!


    Wishing for snow here in showshoes for Christmas 2005. Used once in back yard on Christmas 2005. No snow since, in fact it was 43 degrees (F) for our annual Fanny BRR Ride and Polar Bear Jump Monday.

    Send some of that snow down this a way please.

    The Kept Woman

    Lovely snow.

    Better by you than here by me I say...


    Finally got a chance to look at all the pictures... beautiful, Nils.


    Lovely pictures.I found my way here through the comments you left on Katherine's post.They were hilariuos!Will check out ur blog in detail a litle later.Am bookmarking it.


    Gorgeous pics and gorgeous dog! That's great you have a forest in your backyard to go snowshoe in.

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