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    December 24, 2006



    This picture was front and centre on our fridge for a long, long time. Of course, I was at the age when everything NORMAL that your parents do or say embarrasses you. It was a great treat explaining this picture to my friends when they came over.

    Now, though? Awesome.


    Oh you made me laugh and I really, really needed that tonight! Oops, that sounded terrible! It's not that you looked, um, amusing in any way or anything, just ...

    Oh sod it! Merry Christmas to you and all the family, Nils, and thank you for every time you've made me smile and laugh this year. xx


    Blinded by the White!
    an historical moment, to be sure.

    Merry Christmas to all the Lings!


    Ohhhh... Nils... You're a hunka-hunka burnin' love, that's what you are! Hee hee!

    That's a great picture! Really, really great! You've become a friend to me, as well. Happiness and wealth right back at ya!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Nils.


    Listening to the music you sent me.

    (Still one creature stirring at my

    I just wanted to thank you again for the CD and wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and fun new year xoxoxo zzzzzzzz oops! Wake up Mary! Almost done cleaning up but not quite...


    That photo more than makes up for the mangled thumb below! Merry Christmas, Lings! Or, Merry Christmaslings, Nils! Friend-ness is good.


    Merry Christmas NIls. Great Picture


    the former costumer wants to remind you that you are missing some bling and a sweaty scarf around your necy, oh and some wadded-up panties in your hand.
    Otherwise, its all good.

    Happy holidays to all


    Nilbo, you are one hot Elvis! A very Merry Christmas to you and yours, and A Very Merry Critter-mas to the other members of your household. :-D


    Merry Christmas, Nilvis!


    I haven't forgotten that Nils and Daughters were supposed to sing at an Event on Christmas Eve.
    Any word on that?

    We got a caroling bagpiper at our house.
    I'm still floating on Cloud Nine.


    Oh ... how nice you remembered, MrsDOF ... indeed, on the morning of Christmas Eve, we sang at the church where Erin is Musical Director. We'd rehearsed some on Friday night, then again on Saturday, but were all nervous about the harmonies, which are very tricky, so we got together early Sunday for a couple more go-rounds.

    Erin assured us that church attendance for the Sunday morning would be small, because of course the church would be packed that evening. So we set off knowing that, at worst, only a dozen people would hear us butcher the song.

    Of course, there was a big crowd.

    It went fine, I guess. It's pretty much a blur, but Erin's the music teacher, she's the one who is used to hearing all the parts of a song and being able to separate them out in her head, and she said we did OK. And people were very kind afterwards. I think a little bit of that might be admiration for anybody who has the guts to stand up and sing. But there were smiles all around.


    there are times when words fail me.
    This is one of those times.
    ohhh I just got in from a long car drive and ..
    Ok, that was hilarious.. ;)


    That is the most awesomest picture ever! Seriously!

    Your blog has become one of my very favorites and then in turn, reading your blog has lead me to a couple of other blogs that I have come to love as well. So thank you for that.

    Merry Christmas!!!


    I'm so glad your family's singing brought smiles. You seem to be rather modest with it, what with having daughters who are fine musicians.

    There was a quite a crowd both morning and evening services at our church as well. To make up for all the folks who are traveling, many visitors were "home" for the holidays.
    They didn't stay long, tho. For the first time in 2 years I'm doing the snacks for Fellowship Hour, there were leftovers.
    My own sons, home from college, enjoyed the donuts.


    While viewing the picture, I distinctly heard, "I'll have a bluuuuuuuue Christmas, withooooooout you," somewhere in this room. I can't find it now, but it was real, I swear. I'm in a motel room in Albuquerque, waiting for the rest of the family to wake up in their rooms, and I'm thinking where better couuld he hide? Really, he may still live!

    Merry Christmas to your household!


    That made my day.

    Cranky Chick

    For the love of God...


    That sound you all just heard was Cranky thinking "Wow .. maybe I should switch teams ..."

    Cranky Chick

    Thank God they can't hear the dry-heaves...



    Those pants are so tight...I can see just how much change you were carrying in your pocket.


    That is quite the manly chest you've got there.


    Kalki ... yes, excess testosterone ... a blessing and a curse.

    And Wordgirl ... if you slip your hand into one of those pockets, you will find out all about change.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Are you saying you have change for a ten in there?


    N. The ladder, but it was

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