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    December 23, 2006



    You forget...I've birthed three babes and a kidney stone. My sons enjoy showing me the carcasses of the deer and hogs they kill whilst describing the carnage in great detail and I've even field-dressed one of the dove I've killed, although that was (admittedly) pretty "yuck".
    That said, I can't say it doesn't make my legs twinge just a tad when I view the picture of your wound. My professional opinion? Two Advil and a beer as large as your head...or mine (whichever is larger). A seat before a roaring fire and someone you love to give you a lovely foot massage. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas, Nils.


    Showing a picture, telling a story, you risk setting off a round of "let me tell you about my hand injury" but i shall refrain and hope others will too. I feel for ya - hands are packed with nerves and the pain can really force your attention to say nothing of being a reminder of your mistake.

    Looks like it's healing nicely - just keep it clean and don't use it for a while. Really, this is a legitimate excuse - 'my thumb is still knitting back together!'


    Nice pic. Yet a further reminder of why I never became a nurse.

    I hope the pain is beginning to subside, Nilbo, but if not... I recommend a few hearty snorts of Chivas. Or whatever your poison is.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and please don't chop anything else for a while, unless it's carrots or something. (Thinking about it, this injury has probably put you out of commission for cooking... or not?)


    Still makes me wince just to think of it. I'm not surprised it hurts but I hope you can find something that dulls the pain somewhat. As Decrepitoldfool said, hands are packed with nerves so I really feel for you.

    Rest up and concentrate on healing fast. I think you may be right about that nail though.

    Oh and Stumpy (despite me saying "don't look at the PC screen, Nilbo's posted a picture of his mangled thumb") had to look and pronounced her verdict: "Euuww! Not nice". She thinks you may need a cage to keep out of trouble. Apparently she's got a spare one and doesn't mind posting it!


    Oy, that looks painful.

    When you mentioned chopping wood, it reminded me of our previous apartment/top floor of a house, which had a very nice wood-burning fireplace.
    I had a bit of a daydream about the day our friend came over to split the logs which someone else had delivered in a pick-up truck.

    mid-October, yet the weather temp was higher than 70. He shucked his shirt on about the third log. In the several years I had known the guy, this was the first I had seen him naked to the waist.
    Muscles rippling, ax swinging, and the thwack as the log split.
    My toddler son and I watched from the safety of the porch. And we gladly served lunch for such a hardworker.
    When my husband got home from his job, he was grateful to have a nice pile of wood ready for the fireplace.

    Our friend is still very dear to us, and became a grandpa last summer. How did the years pass so fast?

    Ah, Nils, I'm sorry for your wound.
    It's been 24 years since that long forgotten day, but your story brought up a fond memory.


    Wow, you really did this up, didn't you? I'll be very surprised if you don't lose the nail.

    Slice-of-hand, good one. ;)


    Wow, Nils... that is fairly gross... bleh. I'm sure it hurts like a "mo-fo". Take care of yourself, medicate as necessary. I hope the pain subsides very soon.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Even I cringed a little bit...but you know I HAD to look.

    I recommend soaking in rye for a couple of weeks. You, not the thumb.

    Jim Fogg

    I imagine "Thumbs Up" wouldn't be very funny right now.
    I bet it gets in the way of everything. Reminds me a bit of the movie Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Pretty clean looking wound, will heal up nicely. You should stay off it for a few days and relax.

    I enjoy your Blog

    Merry Xmas and have a healthy and Happy New Year!


    Brings fresh new meaning to the old tired phrase, "Sticks out like a sore thumb" now, doesn't it?! Gah! Looks incredibly painful, and on a digit that is so indispensable it's got to be a nuisance as well. I'm having a double shot of scotch in your honor, and I recommend you do the same.


    I've spent all night trying to come up with a new nickname for you, based on this little thumb issue. I'm still thinking... let the commenters have at it!

    Just dawned on me, this could seriously affect your golf game! Horrors!!!!
    Good thing you're not living down in Florida where it's nice and warm, otherwise you'd have to watch all the other golfers heading out each day, and you with your mangled thumb. :(
    Seriously? I hope it's healed by Spring. And for crying out loud, don't get a paper cut on it when opening Christmas presents!!
    Merry Christmas, Nils. May all your dreams come true. ;)


    Ahh, sweet carnage. I can go to bed now and have pleasant dreams replete with blood, emergencies, police escorts to the hospital and many hollered "STAT!"s.

    I hope the pain has lessened for you by Christmas. A very merry one to you and yours.


    (Not that I have ever heard a real, non-TV doctor say "stat".)

    Sara Sue

    For a second there, I thought I'd logged on to

    Lots of wassail, cuz you're going to lose that nail!

    Merry, Merry, Christmas, to all the Lings!

    (P.S. - Nils said "motherfucker"!!!)


    I can't anything to what has already been said, but damn, I hope you feel better.


    That is one gross-ass picture, Nils, although I imagine it hurts less to look at it than it does to actually have it attached to your hand.
    Merry Christmas, my friend. Keep your thumbs in some safe place, wouldja?


    GAH! Oh, gag. No offense intended, of course.

    Man. This makes me totally regret not taking a picture of TGIM's thumb after he shot a sixteen-penny nail through it with his nail gun. Honestly. Like it would have KILLED him to wait ten minutes while I searched for the camera, but NOOOO, he's all, "I should probably go to the hospital, Cat." I know, right?! What a wasted opportunity.

    az injury lawyer

    Horrible! I wouldn't that to happen.

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