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    December 18, 2006



    Hey! I love the look! I still need to actually have a phone conversation with you where you walk me through the banner-making process. And while you're at it...hand me that Toblerone!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Dear sweet GAWD! I'm fumbling for my sunglasses here...

    Hi Oliver! Oliver Clothesoff?


    Loving the new look, very festive indeed! Oliver looks beautiful too. :0)


    Oliver makes his debut!! Very cool design, Nils.. and festive!


    Um. Wow-ow.

    Hello Oliver.

    Question, Nils... how soon will you be changing the design again? Just curious...


    love it! And Oliver? He is adorable!


    Oliver is telling me to do things...bad things.


    Wow--that hurt my eyes for a second there, but you can't say Nilbo's not festive!

    Hi Oliver!

    I also see a toblerone in that pic....have a triangle for me!! :)


    white links on pale-pink background - nichts so gut.
    Especially when the font is .006 or something. damn. :)

    So Oliver weighs what? 20 lbs? He looks very snuggly.


    I think it's the mint green with the candy-apple red that's causing the retinal twitching, but I can't say for sure since I'm now typing with my eyes closed. Oliver looks like the orphan to whom "more" was finally given, despite what it says in the script. ;) Please pay my respects to His Lordship!


    Yes, indeed, it IS Christmassy. Now... where is Oliver's stocking? Because I get the feeling that the one behind him is Allie's.

    Jim Fogg

    My living room looks like one of the Eaton's windows from days gone by. My reason for living has got the "spirit" good. Tree decorating is this evening, a well planned military operation. The words drop that ornament and step away from the tree will be heard. My job is to keep the cheer flowing!


    When Oliver begs for food, does he say, "Please, sir, can I have some more?" I bet he does. My cats just meow. No fair.

    The Kept Woman

    Fa la la la la indeed!!

    Does Oliver eat small children or does it just look like it? He looks, ummmm...very healthy.



    Wordgirl: email me for easy banner instructions. Laura taught me, I shall pass her wisdom along to you.

    Buckster: We call him Oliver Sudden, because he has a way of just appearing in places and surprising us.

    Emma, Sandy, and Candace: Oliver thanks you. And yes, Candace. You are required to do his bidding. And if you do really bad things, send pics. To my email address, because he doesn't have one.

    Laura: I lost the pink on your advice. I feel much more manly now. I bet I can even talk football.

    CK: we can all suck it up and live with this design till Christmas. I've made some changes that hopefully make it less - what's the word? - assaultive.

    Effie, WTF, Shari: I've modified it to save your eyes a bit. no getting away from the colours, though.

    Ortizzle: Oliver actually does get a stocking, as does Ducky and Roxy. I am opposed to this, but get soundly overruled every year.

    James: I am the one responsible for the flowing cheer in our tree-decorating events. I put the lights on, then step back. I hang only one ornament each year - my Winnipeg Jets Christmas ornament.

    Kelly: Oliver does not deign to beg for food. He assumes it will be left out for him, and when it is not, he berates everyone. This is not a subtle difference.

    TKW: I'm not sure on Oliver's weight (although I'm sure his principal slave, Allison, will, er, weigh in on the topic). What I DO know is that he is, according to the veterinarian, quite svelt. I guess it's the whole "the camera adds ten pounds" thing. He's not at all chunky. But this picture does accurately capture his arrogance, I think.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Ha! Kalki, you made me snort my beverage!


    In that picture from last Christmas Ollie weighed in at 14 lbs and has since shed a pound and a half (because the vet said he was en route to being overweight, but not quite there yet). So yeah, unflattering picture perhaps, but my baby is not fat! Spoiled yes, but not fat.


    Personally, I like my cats on the fat side, and Oliver looks perfect to me. His blubber will keep him warm on those cold, fridid days y'all have in the Great North. ;)
    Now, I don't know if the Jello brand pudding cups are sold on PEI, but cats love the vanilla and tapioca flavors. Mine show every time they hear me ripping the lid off and they'll walk all over me, trying to get at the cup. I usually let them lick the cups after I'm finished.
    My veterinarian would cringe if he read this, as I'm supposed to have the cats on a diet. They are a tad portly, but it suits us just fine.


    *frigid, not fridid.


    Hey, I like the new Christmas look. Definitely not bah humbuggy. And give Oliver a headrub for me. :)


    Yes, much better without the pink. Me likey, Nils.


    Good LORD, man! Thanks for the warning AFTER the click! Geesh.

    My eyes. They burn.

    (And hee.)


    Well, I just *knew* the critters would have their own stockings. Whew!

    BTW, Nilbo... I have posted today about a blogger host change (yes, I am divorcing Blogspot, a.k.a. Blogsod), and I am considering Typepad as a possible option. So any advice you have on your own experience with it would be greatly appreciated. :-))


    Ortizzle - go ye not to the dark side - use WordPress, and our company will rock you an excellent hosting deal.

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