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    December 14, 2006



    You're not nearly old enough to play Santa. I'm surprised the Santa askers don't know this. That is all.




    Loved it! We had to open it in Firefox as IE didn't work but then Stumpy and I gathered round the computer, much like families did in the olden days, and then we listened in rapture. That is, until the connection froze so we actually went off into the kitchen and made a couple of drinks and then came back and gathered round the computer and listened properly! Stumpy says she thinks you'd make a great Santa if you're going to promise the kids everything they want... I think she missed the point!


    I could not open it for some reason.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Right back atcha, pal. Right back atcha...


    Ah, Nils... you always make me smile in spite of myself. ;)


    Just got back from the mall for a Christmas shopping venture. geez... Didn't last an hour. But at least for the next nightmare trip I will know just the right gestures for getting a parking space. Thanks for sharing that! ;-)))


    Ho, Frickin' Ho, huh?


    In Hungary, Santa is skinny.

    I thought you might enjoy the following (it's called the complaints choir of Helsinki):

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