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    December 13, 2006



    I read her post the other day about her grandparents and felt so bad about her grandfather that I almost teared up. It is such a hard thing to go through. :(

    Glad to hear you've recovered from all the obstacles of the past week, both moose and human. Welcome home. :)


    Welcome home, Nils. I'm glad you're back and I found the idea of anywhere being moose-infested to be highly amusing!

    Cookies at mine if you feel like celebrating...


    I'll take you up on those cookies in a few months, Emma. In the meantime, if you think moose are funny, you haven't driven at night in Canada. They come out to lick the salt that is put on the roads to melt the ice. They weigh anywhere from 600 (small female) to 1500 pounds. They have spindly legs that rise up just over the bonnet of your car, meaning that when you come around a curve (why are they always on curves?) and hit them at 60 MPH, the big part of the moose comes right in your windshield and sits in your lap. At 60 MPH. Not considered a fun thing. Think about that the next time you swerve for a hedgehog ...

    Laura: I saw your thoughtful comment at Kelli's site, and could tell her sorrow touched you. I love how people spread out so far and wide around the world can form such a lovely, close community.


    Glad you are back Nils.


    There's no place like home. I'm on my way to CK's right now!


    Welcome back.


    Oh Nils... first off, I'm glad you're back home safe and sound, without running into Prudence!

    Secondly, thank you SO much for your kind words, at my site, and unexpectedly here. I appreciate it more than words can say.


    Good grief! OK moose-infested roads not funny. And to think I worry about coming round a bend and hitting a muntjack deer at night! I don't think the Micra could cope with a moose. Come to think of it, it doesn't sound like anything short of a tank could cope with a moose...


    Done. You know, it the midst of my little pity party I was having for myself yesterday, the act of pausing long enough to send a comforting word to CK made me feel as though my perspective had altered...just the slightest little bit. Thanks for sending me on an errand to wish peace for someone else and, in the process, I found a little myself. Go figure.


    Just got back from CK's place. Many folks holding good thoughts for her and the family.

    Glad you made it home fine.
    In your honor, I'll have to drink my morning tea in my Northern Exposure mug, with the moose marching around it. There was an episode which made mention of what happened when somebody hit a moose in the road. Yuck.

    The Kept Woman

    Well hello then! I just read the last post too. I've never "heard" you get angry before...

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