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    December 28, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    So, did the doc amputate anyone/anything for Erin's amusement? Did he let her hang around and watch his experiments on derelicts?


    I have to admit that I, too, am slightly disappointed, as I came here eager for a tale of amputation. The best you have to offer is that the doctor pressed on it too hard? Pressed on it? Puh-lease.


    "Hee hee" and "bleuch!" all at the same time! That's a rare talent you have there, Nils. You had me at "...the amputation of the necrotic remains of my thumb"! *shudder*!

    Sara Sue

    I'm somewhat disappointed too! I figured for sure Erin would have pictures for know *during* the procedure. Oh well, we can't always get what we want.

    Hey...does it stink? Just curious.


    As prepared as I was (bowl of popcorn, cold beer, blanket against the winter chill) to hear a horrifying tale of slicing and dicing that rivaled Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum", I must say that I'm heaving a sigh of relief that your doctor is going to let Nature take its course. Remind Erin that, when she was born, the doctors (and you) allowed her dried up stump of an umbilical cord to fall off on it's own, rather than sawing, burning or ripping it off...despite how unsightly those things were. (Remember? Every time we diapered we new babies all parents were startled to see what appeared to be a little knob of poo sitting on the belly. It certainly gave us a start) Regale her with tales of how you folded her diapers "just so" to prevent irritation of said belly button and show photographic evidence if you have it.

    I still think you need drugs against the pain of your impending thumb loss. If you don't have drugs...a blast of Jack Daniels will do nicely.


    "our" new little babies. Not "we". Sorry.


    Ah, Nils... very good. I'm glad that you didn't have to go through any amputation.

    Wordgirl - we called that dried umbilical chord stump "bacon" in our house when our little clowns were very little.


    So they did not circumsise the thumb?


    Well, now that there's no amputation, maybe you will just have to set up a web cam so we can watch the necrotic process on a daily basis. Would Erin settle for that?

    Seriously, I am glad there was no amputation. Take care of the rest of your limbs... and find somebody else to swing the axe. Like maybe the Tin Man. Yes, he would be a good substitute. ;-)


    No drugs? Dude, seriously, you need a better connection...

    Jessica Rabbit

    Ow. Ew. Ow. Ew. Ow and EWWW.

    And gross.

    Wishing you a happy after the holiday, and your mostly there thumb too.


    To clarify: I was given drugs. Excellent drugs. High octane. Primo. Percocet.

    But Percocet makes me kinda dopey. And I know that's sort of the point, duh, but ... it's not a feeling I like any more than I like pain. So it's a saw-off. So to speak. Hack-off?

    Plus, there's no chance I'll get addicted to this pain. But if you were me, you'd be wary of that little childproof bottle with the big fat pills. I'm better off hurtin' than jonesin' ...

    Know thyself, is all I'm saying.


    ack, I wouldn't have apologized!


    "Biological Dressing"?? Right. I'm all for organic and all, but couldn't you just have ordered the vinaigrette?


    *bowing down to Shari's wit*

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