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    December 30, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    This beats the crap outta the speech I gave at my college gradjeeayshun. Of course, I went to a business college, where we were not taught the ways of passion.


    That's a great speech, I'm sure Erin was so proud of her dad.


    Dearest Nilbo,

    You hit the proverbial nail on the head. As usual. Which is far better than hitting it on the thumb, right? (Certain passions, such as log chopping, need to be curbed! :-)

    I wish you a happy, passionate new year as well. Thanks for providing us with a year filled with your passion for writing.

    A Humble Beneficiary


    WOW. Everyone's looking for the bottom line and I think you found it and offered it to that class (and the rest of us) as some of the best advice I've ever heard. If we can keep that thought in our heads and hearts it will be pretty hard to fail in life. Thanks.


    I remember this one, it was wonderfully written then, and still holds true today.


    That was lovely....very


    may i repost this on my blog? or link to it?

    thank you for sharing this, it was something i needed to be reminded of... especially the age-thing!

    a few years ago, i finally figured out my passion, and it means i must become a nurse. i was talking with an RN that my mother works with, and she told me i shouldnt do it. and i thought who the heck are YOU to tell me what i need to do with my life? i didnt say this to her, but as we continued talking, i believe she finally SAW and FELT my passion, and she stopped me, and said: "you know what, you NEED to be a nurse!"

    thanks Nils...
    happy new year!


    I know I lost my passion for the work I do... it's been gone for a while. I need to find that again. Something tells me if I find that, I'll have a pretty good shot being invincible, bulletproof and hard to bring down.

    Thanks, Nils... really.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.


    Ladybug: do with it what you will. I believe in it, and want others to as well - I think it's the one true path.

    Thank you, everybody, for your kind words, and for your friendship and your spirit. I've learned more about passion from each of you in your own way.


    what they said,
    Boy when I trotted out my version of that speech (which of course was something along the lines of ('you're not gonna tell ME what to do') during high school, did my parents have a fit. This is a "work 40 hours a week, hate your job, bring home a union paycheck" kind of place.


    Happy new year to my favourite Canadian! It's been 2007 here for nearly ten whole minutes! I hope it brings you nothing but good things and I'm looking forward to your next hop across the pond. :)


    That's a wonderful speech. I wish I would've heard a speech like that when I graduated.

    Sure looks like you've found your passion.

    Happy New Year's, Nils!




    Do you believe this even if one's passion is John Stamos?


    Nilbo, I think you are absolutely right.

    I've always had a little more passion than I knew what to do with. To the point that it takes concerted effort to empathize with apathetic people when I encountered them. In fact, I think I freak people out a little. Especially coworkers. This is all making sense to me now in a way it didn't before.

    Wonderful post, one of my favorites of yours EVER. Thank you, and Happy New Year!


    P.S. Here's a little story to prove the point of your speech:

    Throughout college I tutored in a program for culturally and economically "disadvantaged" folks. About half of the people were older students; refugees from Africa, Cambodia, Laos. They were extremely motivated. The biggest issue I had was with the apathetic kids from the US. I finally found a way to get the kids interested, especially in the liberal arts classes they hated. I would ask them a series of questions until we found something in the course content or point of view they thought was bullshit. And then, we studied it in that context. It's no problem memorizing history lessons when you're pissed. (And they began to feel more empowered and less pissed along the way).


    What a wonderful post! I completely agree with you.


    That was just beautiful.


    Thank you, Nils. It's been a little over two years since I last heard the voice from whom I was accustomed to hearing such flighty encouragement. And while passion may in fact be flighty, it is also true and solid. And I left my lying around somewhere awhile ago. Have you seen it? I'm starting to miss it.


    That actually brought tears to my eyes - and I couldn't agree with you more. Very moving...

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