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    December 17, 2006



    Ah, see... I've enjoyed that song since it first came out. I've never seen her perform it, though.

    I saw a gentleman use a looping machine last year during a Jim Brickman concert. Tracy someone, plays an electric instrument, similar to a guitar, but not one. (confused yet?) Although I don't know the "mechanics" of music, I'm still pretty impressed with that performance, and the one you linked above.


    That was great! I have never seen that done before so quite apart from it being a really good song, I was fascinated by seeing how she put it all together. Very cool indeed.


    KT is a fantastic artist through and throught. Though I am rather disappointed none of her other songs have been released really other than that Cherry Tree fiasco, I'm still enjoying her in the privacy of my own vehicular unit playing it just loud enough to drown out the sound of my own voice.

    Thanks for a great Sunday treat :-D

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Kittn - bite your tongue! I love this song. That's right - I LOVE it. I'm going to marry it and have its babies.

    Damn, I knew KT was one talented lady, but this just blows my little mind!


    That girl has got some mad skills...seriously. That was pretty awesome.


    Wow, she is great! Love her voice, and this performance is excellent! And you don't know me... but my jaw did drop! :) Thanks for sharing this! Now I have to go buy a CD - I googled her and found a few... any recommendations for which one to start with?


    Videos like this inspire me to be creative.

    Jim Fogg

    New meaning to one (wo)man band. Would love to see her live.


    Thank you so much for sharing this - really impressive!

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