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    November 03, 2006



    What a great idea! That was so nice. Thanks for all the links to the other blogs - I'll go check them out.


    Thank you. Just being mentioned in the same post as Kelly and Vitamin Sea and Doc Ern is a huge compliment and then coming from you, who I consider to be the GodFather of Blogging....well I am speechless.



    What a wonderful idea. That'll be Monday's post over at my place. Of course, I can corroborate what you said about how you tell people how much you love and appreciate them. You're extremely generous with your praise. Your words of encouragement and support have made a huge difference in my blogging experience and I count you among the folk I desperately want to meet some day if only to hoist a beer and continue our talks. It's something to shoot for, if you ask me. And the feelings of love and admiration? Right back at you, Nils.


    The Godfather of Blogging. You totally need that on a t-shirt for Christmas!

    They're all great blogs, all of which I've started reading regularly because you sent me there, so thank you.


    Great idea Nilbo. I"ll have to check out some of your links.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You rock, Nilbo - this is a super idea. Mayhaps I'll steal it meself.

    And yes - we should all totally have a drink together. A virtual one for now, a few real ones later on down the line. Who's driving?


    Nils, this is so nice of you! I've always used your blog roll to find interesting reads and enjoy all mentioned, thank you! You're so dear!


    That's a great idea Nilbo! A couple of those I already read, but I'll be sure to check out the others.


    Thank you for being relentless in your appreciation. It really does mean so much. The very first time you gave me a compliment, I was so honored because you're Nilbo and we all have so much respect for you. But the more I get to know you, the MORE honored I am by your kind comments. Because you're Nilbo, and I know you well enough now to truly respect you.


    The Godfather of Blogging. I love it. Second (third/fourth/fifth?) it. And the t-shirt idea is also brilliant.

    Thank you for the kind words. See, this is why you are a perfect Godfather. You are generous with the support and encouragement and love. And a damn fine writer yourself.


    A superb idea! Before last summer, I don't think I had read more than a few random blogs. Two car accidents in as many months (July & August) had me at home most of the time, with a lot of time on my hands, but in too much pain to do more than remain in a sitting position all day (and all night), so I spent a lot of time at the computer. Which is how I found Dooce (I guess a lot of people start there), and hence also found your blog. And it instantly became, and of course remains, one of my favorite places to stop by for a good read. And the best of company: most of the blogs I visit were picked off your blog roll! So it is good to be able to read these little vignettes that will surely lead to even more cozy corners of the Blogosphere.

    Write on, Godfather. :-)


    Honestly, people. I don't know whether to sing "Ah Feel Good!" and drop to a knee while someone drapes a cape over my shoulders ... or make you all an offer you can't refuse.

    I consider you all my extended family ... and - you can repeat after me - "Never go against the family, Fredo. Never."


    Don't you mean GRANDfather of blogging?


    How many times do I have to tell you ... we do not mention the "G" word. EVER.


    Nils Ling, Grand-daddy of Blog ... it has a certain ring to it! ;)


    "Nils Ling, Godfather of Blog"


    Not even close, people. I'm sure there are lots of snickers out there from people who have high traffic and A list blogs. I'm not rejecting the compliment, I'm not ungrateful ... I'm flattered, but count the average comments ... I love that you guys appreciate me this way, and quality always wins out over quantity. But it's just our lil circle.

    I love the lil circle ... but .. it's just a lil circle.

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