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    November 27, 2006



    ...and you ARE special. I'm ready for the code whenever you've got it. Do you need for us to go after some of those other slackers?


    i took care of it Nils...everyone in the comments now has their link. (check your email, ya'll) do you want me to do your Blogroll too?

    (no comments from the peanut gallery - BUCKY)



    WTF Opera Gal, thanks for the emoticon of understanding in your email. I almost didn't get the email because my spam filter thought you were suspicious. The codeword "Nils" saved you from the recycling bin. So see Nilbo? You're actually a hero.


    Could I get a button for the sidebar on my blog too? Hmm? (Is that what we're talking about?)

    Purty pic Nils!


    Effie - I have the info, and I'll take care of that sometime today for you... :)


    Once again, being a mac user is totally screwing me. Of course, it's more likely that being utterly lacking in computer skills is more to blame. I can't watch the promo. It downloaded, and didn't open. Can't seem to get it to open with any of the apps on my computer. Help!


    stampy - you need Windows media Player for mac - you can get it on the Apple website.


    You are special, Nils. But I'll leave the jokes about that to Bucky. :)


    I feel like a rocket surgeon today. I actually put the code into my blog and it worked. Now people who visit Poop and Boogies get to look at your mug.


    No link for me yet but have mailed the OperaGal and am sure it'll head towards the lair shortly. ;0)

    Sara Sue

    I've got ya up...but can't force the code into a blogroll in WordPress, it doesn't like being on the side :) So, you're the star attraction until I can figure this out...


    Nils - I got you up, too! Uh... on my blog... and Effie's.

    Platypus - I'll send you the code that I have. Let me know if you need help getting it on your site.


    sarasue - WP won't let you put it in the blogroll, you have to drop it in the sidebar.php template, but hey, making it a post rocks even more!

    Sara Sue it...with the help of a sidebar widget! Now, it's a sidebar and a post!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I put your "special" link up just now. I'm sure I'll get a lot more traffic just from the raw sex appeal of the photo.


    I did it, all by myself. You are up on my sidebar. I'd sit and chat, but I'm too busy doing the superior dance.


    Okay, while I can't do the superior dance, I can say that the link is up at my site now. My sweet sister, Bucky, took care of it for me. :)

    Sara Sue the transaction ID number what we'll use to access the podcast?


    when you paid, you should have created a login and userID - there will be a page for you to login at on the 15th - 30th.
    Then you can login twice over that time period to watch the show.

    BTW - you all should buy soem tickets, cause Nils is very entertaining.


    and i should learn to type, or at least proofread.

    Sara Sue


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