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    November 06, 2006



    *My* Ophelia did *that*? Are you sure it wasn't maybe Puck?

    You will miss 'em, though. Because you'll forget about that part. And you'll remember all the fun and fuzziness of the little buggers. Right about the time your office stops smelling like a roadside loo.


    "Right about the time your office stops smelling like a roadside loo."
    Hahahhaha!! Ok, that was a good one.. ;)


    Ty is a wonderful mother-dog. You describe it so well that I don't even need a video of it. You've already plonked it in my head. :)


    Wait..the mother dog did not clean up the mess that Ophelia left under the chair? What Kind of mother is she?


    I love when puppies run all over the place like furry pinballs.


    Oh, I so enjoyed reading that - so entertaining! I always knew dogs were smart but whew! If I were Ty I'd be looking at you accusingly and thinking, "Why did you open the pen and make me do all that work?" I love the term "puppy tipping."


    how the hell do you get any work done? my head would explode.
    but damn, they're cute!


    I need a puppy distraction right now. We're in mid-term elections and though we've won the House back from the Chisto-Fascists...we're two states lacking to run the Senate. And Texas still fell to the Republicans. Big surprise. So...warm puppy breath? Bring it on!


    Nilbo, thanks for the pep talk. It truly does mean a lot. I'll be posting on it later tonight, so stop on my if you fell like it. And don't think that totally negates the blacklight in my closet comment. You are SO in trouble for that one!


    Aw heck... I'M going to miss those puppies when you don't have them to write about anymore! It's a wonderful thing you've done, and it's just a bonus that you write it and photograph it so well. Like kids, you'll always miss them; but when they're ready to leave the nest, you'll be ready too. and so will your carpet.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'll have you know that someone found my site tonight via a google search for "nilbo furniture" (AND I was the #1 non-paid result).

    I didn't know there was Nilbo furniture. Can you make me a custom buttplug rack?

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