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    November 22, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You know I'm not a fan of Christmas music, as such. But I really, really dig that Roches Christmas CD you turned me on to last year. Their harmonies are so gorgeous I tear up when I hear it. Must be about time to get that out again, huh?

    And I just can't hear "Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful" without picturing a line of carolers spraying money shots on the front doors of their neighbors. Call me childish. Go on, do it. No one will argue.


    Wonderful....very lovely...


    Performing with your daughters should be lovely.

    Singing in Latin as a tradition. You're so funny.
    My best friend growing up was Greek Orthodox. I loved hearing the prayers and chants in Greek. We attended each other's services, since the times were at different parts of the evening.

    One Christmas Eve service, the year youngest son was in Third Grade and able to read well enough, our family was asked to read the Christmas story from the Bible.
    We printed out separate parts and paragraphs, stood close together by the two microphones, alternated voices doing the speaking.
    Folks still talk about how we did rounds and echoes.
    It worked out well, but I think we should have used more rehearsals.


    I hope someone will video tape this and we can put it on you tube.


    Since we were taught the German version in grade 4, I have always sung the first verse to Silent Night (or Stille Nacht) as it was originally written.

    SO, would you sing "Adeste Fideles" for us, online? Hmmm? I'm curious as to the lyrics...
    Please? Hmm?


    Oh and I'm loving the new winter background...purty!

    Good luck with your singing!


    Count me in on the list of those who want to see it on YouTube or at least have it posted here or something!


    The upload worked! Awesome!!! Good luck to you all -- it will be the realization of a dream, whether yours or Erin's. Wish I could attend.


    Yes, it worked great. I am going to have to go and purchase this album of which you speak.

    My son's birthday is tomorrow and I struggle not to do the tree and any decorating before then. I can't imagine how you guys hold out until after the ninth of December! I always wanted a baby born in December, it is my ultimate FAVOURITE month!

    Yes, please. Need to hear you and your girls sing:) No pressure:)


    Upload worked fine, sounded wonderful. Definitely "You Tube" your performance of it!

    New Masthead: Absolutely Perfect.


    Sounds great! I'm with the others on wanting evidence. ;0)


    You Tube! Why didn't I think of that? I love Christmas music, but some of it is so nostalgic that it makes me kinda weepy. Okay...REALLY weepy. "O Come All Ye Faithful" is a good one and I'd really love to hear you sing Latin or English.


    I *still* think it's an oxygen tank - you're not fooling anyone with that whole "golf" thing!
    (snickers and runs)


    Snickers and runs?

    Carnac: Name wtfopera's favourite candy bar and the inevitable result.


    I had to hit Refresh twice to be able to see the new decorating job that everybody is talking about.
    Nice, very Nice.
    Oh, and I ordered the cd from AMAZON. I try to get 3 a year, and hopefully with a new song. This one is the second ordered this week.
    Next comes a new cd box to hold them all. When I got this box, I never thought I would fill it. Doesn't 36 Christmas cds seem like enough? My MisterDOF thinks so, but I'm going to have to find something bigger. Although if I toss out the Donny Osmond to make room, I'm sure he'd be fine with that.
    Not that I could part with any of these little beauties.


    I'll have to check out that CD. I love Adeste Fideles. I have a copy of the music that I got from my mother years ago. Not sure if I know where it is now that I've moved again.

    I would love to hear you singing it.


    MrsDOF - If you're getting rid of Donny Osmond, let me know... I could make room for him here. :)


    Don't do it, MsDof. It would never work. She's a little bit country.


    Day after tomorrow, my Christmas music will come out. I learned "Adeste Fideles" in elementary school as well! Sadly, I have forgotten it all to the "pedestrian" English version.

    Perhaps now that you are so adept at webvideo, we will get to watch your family performance? Surely someone can video it for us?

    (Catching up on your posts....It's sad the puppies are gone. I can positively smell the good puppy smell and feel the soft puppy fur when I watch the videos.)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    We heard a lot of Latin growing up - both our parents were Catholic schooled in the 1930s and '40s, so they both had about 4 years of Latin, mandatory.

    During "Adeste Fideles" I would always laugh when they said "Venite adoremus" because I would think, every single time, "Venite ignoramus."

    At least back then I had the excuse of actually BEING a child...


    screw off, Nils.
    ;) - xoxoxo

    For all of you hankering for video, hold your breath just a leetle longer...


    Oh does that remind me of my dad, who always goes into a Placido Domingo harmony EVERY time we sing 'happy birthday' to someone.

    I think you'll be great. Just sing your heart out. Nobody can argue with someone who sings their heart out. Especially when flanked by two lovely daughters.

    Jim Fogg

    Uploaded just fine. It's a lovely tune for some harmonizing with your daughters! Hopefully you won't be asked to mouth the words beacause your voice is too powerfull.


    Although I read the post yesterday I've only just got round to downloading the clip. After playing it a few times I've bought the album on iTunes. I listened to clips of all the other songs and the album and I love it, it gets in your head. I also think I might be able to sing along without my voice going floopy (a technical term we singers use) which is another thing to be thankful for.


    Oh shush, Nils. I'll always have a little room in my heart for Donny Osmond. ;)


    Sorry, although not my Mister's first choice, Donny's a keeper for me. I love the way he does _O Holy Night_.
    Every time that one comes on, I remember the first year I got this cd. My youngest son had maybe a year's worth of guitar lessons under his belt (oh wait, he doesn't wear a belt), um well, he knew what to do with a guitar.
    So, on comes a drum and Donny hitting the high notes, when down the hall walks Chris with his guitar in position, strumming right along with the guitar in the background.
    He stood in front of the stereo playing as if he was part of the band. He says it was real easy to do.
    I just sat there on the couch with my crochet hook jabbed into the yarn, and watched and listened.

    Donny has had a special place in my heart ever since the Andy Williams tv show, but son's little performance sealed my devotion.
    I got to be in the 4th row for Donny's live performance in April 2002. I bought the MULAN soundtrack the next day.

    I'm with you, CK. Donny's real fine.


    I love that when you try to 'behave' your daughter gets upset. That's fabulous!

    I'm also quite pleased that you don't put your Christmas tree up until after your daughter's birthday. Mine is the 10th, so I totally understand.

    Good luck with Star of Wonder. I'm sure it will be a crowd pleaser.

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