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    November 24, 2006


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Jess and I breathlessly await your presence in our bedroom.

    Send me the code and I'll be happy to plug the webcast on my site.

    You know how good I am with plugs.


    This is great! I wanna host a Blog Cookie Exchange again. I'll tie this in. I'll come back to handle the details. Because . . . I'm not in the mood for details, OK? Alright then.


    Fantastic! I'll pay tomorrow after my latest auctions end and I have some dosh in my PayPal account. Send me the code and I'll paste it straight away. I'm really looking forward to it!


    I never post buttons, but send me the code and I will this time. Because I think everyone should get the chance to have you in their bedroom...

    I'm totally going to pay for that myself - once Rob comes home and tells me his Paypal password.


    I'm a cheapskate, but given that I'm totally curious about seeing you "live" and "in person" for $5, I'll do it!

    Send me the code! I'll even add your button to my blog. :)


    Live. In the bedroom. And only $5? Hard to turn down an offer like that.

    Send the code for linking it to my website!

    Cranky Chick

    You had me at "full frontal comedy". No one reads my blog anymore, so a button won't do you much good, but if you insist on making me work, I'll be happy to post it.

    I can't wait to see you in all your glory... and in my bedroom to boot...


    I don't have a paypal account because honestly, I've never used one. Haven't the foggiest idea how. If I've needed to buy something, I've always found whatever it was at a store. You know, the kind with cashiers, and bags, and price tags. But, because it is you asking, I'm pledging to overcome my ignorance and inexperience, and learn what to do, and how to do it, to get a paypal account so I can spill a measly slosh of the Lagavulin onto your desktop instead of mine. Also, if you want me to post a button, you're going to have to help me.


    You guys are amazing. Seriously. I am overwhelmed by the response from the comments and the e-mails. I am evidently being welcomed into bedrooms, offices, dens (not clear whether they are "of iniquity", but still - dens!) and in one case, a beautiful woman invited me into her "nook". Now, does anyone have a "cranny" ...? (Oh, Bucky, you can let that one go by, dear.)

    Really, though ... this is utterly heartwarming - although, given what I know about all you people, not entirely unexpected. Emails with code and instructions and stuff will go out later today. And if you're normally a lurker and/or don't want anyone to know you read this blog but can think of a way to help out (like, say, sending an email out on my behalf), drop me an email: NilsDOTling AT gmailDOTcom and I'll give you the link to include in your email as well as more info about the show.

    But keep the comments coming, and de-lurk to comment, just this one time. It's really nice to hear. This is kinda a scary venture, and the support is giving me strength.


    Oh, all right. I can't ignore the goodness. Send me the linky thing and I'll get on it as soon as I can.


    Shari and anyone else in need of assistance, I would be happy to help you get the button on your site if you want me to. :)

    As for Paypal, I'll either have to get Hubby to use his, or get my own. :)

    Nils, darlin... you were already in my bedroom. I have your book on my nightstand. :)


    you can snail mail if you don't want to do PayPal - email me privately.


    I could ask you for the info to post, but Bucky's gonna hafta do it for me anyway. I'm looking forward to seeing it.


    If you don't stop spreading rumors that John Stamos is gay, I will TAKE THE BUTTON DOWN. Or something even, um, ask Allie to short-sheet your bed! Or put tabasco sauce in your coffee! Or, you know, something.

    Sara Sue

    Please send me the code as well, I'll pay per view once I get my PayPal account dialed in! Good for you!


    Done! I can't wait to see you in my bedroom.


    I am playing catchup after the long weekend. I would be interested in watching as well as posting a link on my site. Once I am caught up I will try.


    I'd be willing to give it a try as well.


    William - Check your email.


    Hi Nilbo ;)

    I am looking forward to the show. I really like a good laugh and some prime fiddle playin to boot!

    I have the ink up on my page. Nice picture.

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