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    November 04, 2006



    I'm sitting here with my coffee to rest a few minutes before all hell breaks loose. I've been up since 6:30 too. I've done 2 loads of laundry and have a third in the wash right now. Been packing up everything to take to the beach for Britt's party, and in 30 min. I'm taking Sam out to get her nails done for homecoming dance. Why these things always end up on the same day, I'll never know. Fate messes with moms, it does.

    Except for the smell, I'd much rather spend my morning with the furballs! Yesterday, I met an 8 month old lab "puppy" who was almost full grown. He was full of energy and tried his best to give me a facial. I would have taken him home on the spot if we didn't have a zoo already.

    I'm curious tho, you've said this is a small island. Any chance that once they're adopted out, you'll see the little pups around the island every so often? Wouldn't that be cool to see them grow up!

    And great to hear about Ty, she's a trooper. I like her cow, puppy toss game. :))))
    I'm sure Roxy can't wait to have everything back to herself again, too.


    Apart from the poop that sounds like a very successful morning. It's a quarter to four in the afternoon here and, because I'm really a bat, I'm just getting started as the sun thinks about disappearing. I got up at half past nine (I did manage to doze off again and again after waking at 6.30 and deciding it was too early to get up) and have achieved very little. I went to the Post Office at 11.30 then came back and caught up on some TV, made some lunch and then at 2 I went into town to run some errands. Now I have to start the laundry and tidy my horrific pit of a house. I will stop by, in between bursts of activity, to see how you're all getting on.

    Oh, and I've found the camera I want - a Fujifilm Finepix F650. I can't afford it right now but the cost keeps coming down so maybe after Christmas...

    Have a great Saturday. :)


    Sounds like you're having a fine Saturday up there, Nils.

    Here, we were awoken early by our two year old alarm clock in the other room "Mommmmyyy..." that was around 5am. Then again around 6:30am. Then again around 7:15am. The girls woke up as well, and thankfully, they all played together while we dozed off and on until about 7:45am. I continued to doze off and on until around 8:15am or so while Hubby watched television. Somewhere around 8:30am, I hauled my lazy arse outta bed and came downstairs to fetch breakfast for the kids, make grocery lists, to do lists, and sort through about a half dozen of the 400 catalogs that we've received in the last two weeks.

    Breakfast is long over now, and the kids are indulging in Saturday morning cartoons. I've procrastinated on actually tackling any of the jobs on my to do list long enough, I guess.

    I hope the rest of your weekend is just as lovely. -- Oh! And I'm glad to hear the pups and Ty are finding homes. I know it's a bit sad to say goodbye... it sounds like they're going to good homes, and maybe Laura is right and you'll get to see them around the island.

    SaraSue day (so far)I'm sitting here crying. Partly because this post is so sweet and partly because I'm thinking of the process you'll soon be going through to give them away. I don't envy you these coming weeks, Mr. Ling.

    I'm going to jump in the shower, here in a minute, and head for beautiful downtown Truckee, California! Meeting a friend there for lunch and I'm taking a scenic route that people have been telling me about for years, I'm excited!

    Have a great day and thanks for the wake-up cry!


    The puppies are adorable to look at.
    I'm glad the mama Ty is going to a nice place.

    I went to Open Mic at the coffee shop last evening. Even though I asked for decaff in my Pumpkin Latte, I'm thinking there was a mixup for the beans or something because I was restless and pacing at different hours of the night.
    My thyroid medicine had done its thing by 5am, and my muscles were complaining about it, so I gave up and got up for good at 6:10am. I took the pill with plenty of water, as per directions, then had to wait the hour to be able to eat anything.
    I did feed both cats and put fresh water in their dishes.

    Read the newspaper, checking the Obituaries first.
    Nobody I know with a name there--Whew!
    An article _Get 'em while they're hot---the most wanted toys for Christmas 2006_ says TMX Elmo is the great, coveted, hard-to-find item on the Wish Lists.

    My shower was a bit longer than usual because both Husband and Youngest Son were still in their beds and the cats were outside, unable to scratch on the door.

    Husband and I got dressed and ready to go out for breakfast. I decided biscuits and gravy today, rather than the usual pancakes beside my scrambled eggs.
    Any chance of this being a 'date' was set aside since a party of 10 exuberant ladies all wearing the same color shirt was seated across the aisle from us.

    We got home, Son was in the shower getting ready for his day. His first student for guitar lesson is at 10am.

    I sorted laundry, enough for a load of whites, middle colors, and dark colors. Both machines are busy right now.

    Husband went off to the gym, Son is at work.

    I got 3 sympathy cards ready to go. The signed card, one of my crocheted crosses, a dove sticker, and a copy of a poem about angels into each envelope.
    I'm told that when a person gets a whole stack of cards during such a difficult time, it makes an impression when something homemade falls out of the envelope.

    And now I'm writing for you.
    I think this is more than I've put on my own blog lately.
    So much for that Post Every Day the 30 days of November.

    Ah well, it's not yet Noon here. Plenty of time...
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane


    So happy to hear that everything is working out well with the adoptions, especially for Ty. Your stories and pictures have been so wonderful with all the puppy-ness, but I know there will be lots of adventures even when they are gone. I love your blog (in case you couldn't tell)...just thought I'd de-lurk an bit and let you know.


    After what can only be described as the busiest, most stressful week of my career, I am luxuriating in slothful sofa sitting with a cat on my lap and a coffee mug in my hand. Reading blogs. This is why Saturday is my favorite day.

    I can relate to the bittersweetness of home-finding for the puppies. When we came upon a litter of kittens two years ago (in much the same way Allie came to care for your pups), I was so relieved to find good homes for them. But I also cried my eyes out each time one left us with his/her new owner. And I was the most devastated (but also the most relieved) to find a home for the momma.

    Of course, we ended up keeping two of the kittens, and that eased the pain a bit. (I'm just saying.)


    Yay! and hooray! for Ty! I'm so happy someone is taking her home. It warms a special place in my heart when someone gives an "unlikely candidate" for adoption a good home.

    We have some friends that adopted an 11 year old dog three years ago and he has been a wonderful addition to their family ever since.


    Oh my gosh, Ophelia was my fave, the one I would have picked if I lived a few thousand miles closer. So good to hear she's going to a good home, though I am terribly jealous. And thank goodness Ty is also taken care of!

    My Saturday? Fairly pedestrian so far. I actually blogged about it already, but only because it related to my topic of Friday nights. And now that the house is in a reasonable state, I am going to grade a stack of tests, hit the ironing pile, and maybe read a chapter in my Spanish applied linguistics book. I'm not sure if I can take all this excitement. I might have to run up to Walmart to calm myself down. Maybe buy some new placemats for the table. Or see if the avocados are on sale. But first... I am going to finish hopping around the Blogosphere for a while to catch up on fun posts like this.


    Breakfast with the family. Watching ESPN's "Game Day" which is being broadcast from my (and my husband's) alma mater, Texas A&M University. Fold a mountain of laundry. Urge the oldest son to continue working on his Freud paper before leaving to work the light board at his school's performance of "A Comedy of Errors". Middle son eats lunch with a friend. I leave to buy my mother's birthday gift and to get a bunch of magazines and Barack Obama's book. Youngest son has a study buddy over to plan a History project. Bryan and I take a 4 mile walk/run around the college campus. Bryan makes hamburgers tonight and we'll eat them while watching our team play (and win, hopefully) against OU (Oklahoma University). I plan to knit while watching to keep me from being too tense. It's an important game. Wish we had a puppy to play with.


    Too much driving, too much stuff, not enough playing with puppies. None, in fact. *sigh*


    If this were a normal Saturday, I'd have to admit to being a complete and utter sloth. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Hooch and I took our first walk of the day at 0630. I then headed off to a mandatory anatomy session where we reviewed pelvic anatomy and surgical approaches to the acetabulum to prepare for the orthopedic in-service exam next Saturday. (Please send good thoughts my way next Saturday while you're drowning in puppies).

    Next it was off to Planned Parenthood for 3 solid hours of calling registered voters to discuss a rather scary proposition on the ballot here in Calfornia. Talked to lots of voters, both pro- and anti-. It was educational to say the least.

    Then I drove up to my new house (rental) in Carlsbad. I'll be moving for real in 2 weeks, but I'm taking this chance to move up the breakable stuff I don't trust the movers with.

    Finally, it was back home for another walk with Hooch. Now I'm settled on the front porch drinking a Newcastle and checking blogs.

    Thanks, as always, for sharing your day with us.

    Puppy Pen

    All the puppies are so cute. I'm glad that I don't have to make a decision between them. I bet there a handful but they are so worth it. It's good to hear that the adoptions are going well.

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