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    November 30, 2006



    I got you up two days ago. And I bet you didn't even notice.

    Looking forward to having you "buffered and streaming into my cache." And don't worry, I'm not a fan of high speed when it comes to buffering and streaming.

    (It's not like we have to search for the double entendre, eh? You left it pretty wide open. ---Oops, that's my line.)

    The Kept Woman

    Well, that was easy.

    One little push of a button and you're up!

    I'm off for a smoke now.


    How about Broad Band refences? Are they okay?


    Yep, you made getting you up easy as pie.


    Shoot, I don't like to brag, but I got Nils up with hardly any effort at all.


    I got Nils up just now first time and barely even broke a sweat... Oh and I will certify here and now that the last time I experienced the glory that is Nilbo I hadn't laughed so hard in ages. He's unforgettable. He's absolutely worth $5 - especially with the benefits of high speed. I'm looking forward to being able to relive the experience twice in quick succession whilst being able to do the washing up at the same time...


    Actually Nils, you weren't all that hard, and it didn't take all that long. It WAS a lot of fun, and it's okay to laugh, right? But probably not okay to point while laughing.


    Oh Shari you just made me laugh so loudly I scared Stumpy! Thank you!


    ahhh these comments...proving our point, yet again, that you are what we said you are. And even Kelli said she'd rather have you in the kitchen.
    As for myself, I was up with the sun in time to get it up and ready. 6 a.m is usually the hardest time for me, but I found it quite fullfilling...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You guys are entirely too borderline-ribald for me.

    I'm goin' back to the emu enema site.


    It's very important that I forget I ever read any of this.


    Allie - Bwahahahahaha!


    Having read Allie's comment, and as a Mom of two teenagers, I have now sufficiently grossed myself out.
    I'm never commenting on here, again. LOL


    Damn! Late to the party, but never fear. You are fully locked and loaded at my blog. But what's this? You're posting prematurely? WTF?

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