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    November 10, 2006



    Well, if nothing else, I've seen more pictures on your site since they arrived! I shall miss them but you're right...they're huge and time to go! Congrats on adopting them all out and also on not keeping one!


    It ain't over until the papers are signed.


    Oh, it's over, baby. It's OVER.


    I read the entry and before clicking the video thought "Oh, *I* can resist 'em."

    But, then I watched the video, and dammit, they ARE cute. In a "Wow, I'm glad they're not in MY house" kinda way.


    I really, really want one. It's too bad I don't live in Canada. Do Canadian puppies say "ay?"


    We had homes for all of our kittens, too, and then 2 of them fell through. And so began my life with Simon and Maylee. I'm just saying...


    Well, you may have got off lightly this time but what about when the next lot come in?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I don't know which I like better - the video of the pups, or the fact that you used the word "gamboling."

    It's a good thing we have a two-dog limit here, and two dogs already...


    They are too cute! Congrats on finding homes for them!!! Although, I note that being certain that homes will materialize for the final two is somewhat different than actually HAVING homes for the final two. I'm just saying.


    Let's start a pool!


    I dunno. I think you might have to keep Juliet: the crisis, the extra bonding. You know. (Wasn't she Allie's favorite, too?!)

    We will all miss seeing the cute pics.


    Good Morning, Or is it? Is Juliet and Caesar off to new homes?

    possibly your saving grace,



    So far, Caesar and Juliet have yet to join their brothers and sisters on the "Adopted" list. But since word of the puppies' availability has only been out there for about five days, and in that time six are gone, I'm not expecting much in the way of a problem. Especially since they are both crushingly adorable and unbelievably affectionate and full of all the energy and sweetness that God puts into puppies and kittens.

    It's odd: the puppies got adopted in almost the exact reverse order in which I would have selected them (with a couple of exceptions). Caesar has always been my favourite; whoever wants to adopt him is going to be looked over carefully, I can promise you that. And Our Pet Juliet (inside joke for Canadians over 40) has been a favourite since she got sick and had to spend some time in puppy hospital.

    And while this will open me up to the Smirky Smirkersons out there, we decided this morning at the breakfast table that we didn't want any of the puppies to go back to the shelter. We'll keep Juliet and Caesar here until they're adopted. Not FOREVER. Until they're adopted. Period.


    I think keeping the unadopted pups there for a bit until they are adopted is a fine idea. It will be less of a transition for them.

    Smirky Smirkerson

    (wink wink)

    Allie's the transition I am concerned about. It never crossed my mind that once the rest of the pups go, there will be more time for one-on-one bonding with the final two, and that they might even be invited into the main house to meet Roxy and that once they meet Roxy and get along with her, there's really no reason NOT to keep them.

    Never even crossed my mind. And certainly wasn't part of my masterplan when I started this whole thing.


    Like I'm an idiot. I changed your poopie diapers, kid. Don't think you can smoke one past me. I INVENTED that shit.


    You say that like it's YOU for whom the plan was intended. You may have changed my poopie diapers, but I wasn't born yesterday.


    Oh, lovely. She's singled the weak one out of the herd and she's crouched in the grass.



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