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    November 16, 2006



    Poor little pups, I bet they're feeling delicate. Here's hoping they're back to normal soon.

    Loved the video, as always. Their energy is infectious!


    Wait..Are you saying that you have no Balls?

    The Kept Woman

    Damn cute.

    Too bad I like my wood floors unscathed (but for sippy cup dents) and house free of hair (other than mine) otherwise I'd have a dog yesterday. I always thought I'd have one by now.

    I LOVE the black dog that body slams the tan one about five/six seconds into the video...very cute!


    Leaping and bounding puppies! I'm so glad we're not the only people who make reference to the Gary Larson cartoon where the dog mistakes "tutored" for "neutered". We always say "tutored". Think you might keep Juliet? Okay! Okay! Relax! I'm just asking.


    Further update:
    Caesar and Juliet went to the shelter today, so they could be more visible. A fellow volunteer just called me to tell me that she was in doing her thing at the shelter today and said that Juliet had a hold sign on her cage. In my experience, a hold sign on a puppy cage is ALWAYS a good thing. We will know in a few hours when Dad goes to pick them up from "daycare."

    Sara Sue

    Hard to believe, but they just get cuter! I'm so glad they've found homes. You and Allie are heros, you know. Of course, I'll miss puppy posts. What will you make movies of this winter, Nils, hmmmm??


    Awwwww, that was so far from being a waste of my time that I had to watch it twice!! So sweet! But wow am I glad that the homes they're going to are not mine. ;)


    They are so adorable. I'm glad you've found homes for all, well except for Juliet. It's probably because they've been tutored. :)


    I just showed this to Sam because I thought she'd enjoy it, but that was a big mistake. She also works at the shelter here and now wants to be a foster mom too. If she brings home one single pregnant momma.......@@@

    I know you'll miss the lil' buggers. I will too, actually. Any chance of one more video? Or how about a video of Roxy on her daily run/walk?


    They seem so young to be 'tutored'. Our kittens had to wait until 4 months. I've never had a dog, so maybe different with them.

    The videos are adorable, so busy they are.
    I'm sure you'll be glad to have the house back to routine.


    What!?!? My Juliet is left as the last one standing there all by herself as the teams are being picked? That is unacceptable. Clearly, the potential puppy parents are overwhelmed by her beauty and intellectual superiority and feel unworthy of adopting her.


    Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. My favorite FarSide reference that no one ever seems to get is "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal."


    Juliet is adopted! As of tomorrow, we will be puppy-free (except for Roxy, of course, who has been feeling horribly neglecting for the last two months!)!!!!!


    ooh they are so cute! I want one!

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