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    November 12, 2006



    Thanks for these, Nilbo. I love exploring new blogs and most of these were new to me. I know I'm emotional today (!) but the tribute to Kes had me in floods. TKW had me laughing. :)


    I do love me some Circus Kelli! The others are new to me, but I think it's cool that you do this -- whenever you get to it.


    Ditto on Shari's comment. I'm off to peep through the keyhole of some new blogs!


    Oh, Nilbo! Thank you! It's an honor to be mentioned with such great blogs. (I just wish my recent posts were something besides "I'm sick, woe is me.") I will certainly visit the other blogs in this list!


    I'm off to visit those blogs, though I think I've been to a few of them.'s everything on the puppy front?

    Sara Sue

    LOVE these blogs! I've been reading for a couple of days now...yes, all of them. Of course I can't just read a few posts, noooo...I'm the one reading everything each has ever posted :) Anyway, thanks again!


    I'm honored.

    The Kept Woman

    Ohhhh thanks! I feel honored...I can't wait to check out the other four listed up there. It's always great to get recommendations of other great reads!


    Awww...thanks Nilbo. And thank you Big Gay Pete, for making my nomination possible.

    I feel honored to get a "shout out" from you. I'd love to meet you and Allison. Bring her to Stanley!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wait, Kelli juggles her children?

    Why has there never been video of this?


    Bucky - Who says there isn't video of that? I had to promise DCFS, though that I would never do that again, so I don't show the video often...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Kelli - you know my email. I need me some flyin' Sweet Pea.

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