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    November 02, 2006



    Oh cool, puppy preschool. In the beginning of the video, I'm amazed at how far that little brown one can jump. She jumps over the blanket and then runs around and tackles the blanket again.
    And are those rocks in the video, on the floor on the left? They're getting big now, they might try to swallow one of the smaller rocks. careful!
    Your office is going to seem so empty when they leave. Poor things. Surely the SPCA has more... (g)


    Awww, Nils... they're so cute. Your office will never be the same. :)


    Holy crap! Sorry to be so inarticulate, but they are sooo cute they drive all grammar and decorum straight out of my brain. Please tell me they are all adopted!? If not, I want the black one with the white feets (Hey, I'm an only child...don't expect me to remember their names) shipped to California. No, really. And admit it. You are SOOO going to miss them.

    p.s. Did momma get adopted yet?


    Yes, I'm being assassinated by the cuteness, but what a bunch of mess makers! Still....the frolicking is tough to ignore. How in the HELL do you get anything done in there?


    Stampy: that's Juliet. She was the one who got sick and we were less than sanguine about her chances. She's fully recovered, and though she's smaller than her brothers and sisters, she stands her ground admirably. I'm not surprised you chose the spunky one!

    Laura: ... just ...

    CK: No, it will never be the same. When I come in from the fresh air outside, I go "Oh. My. God." but if I'm here all day, it's not quite that bad.

    Wordgirl: That's my point. I don't. I spend all day at my computer, totally distracted by cute creatures. I love it.


    Can you please put one of them in a FedEx box and send here to Chicago? I watched this video a couple of times to make sure I didn't miss any cuteness. How can you live around that cuteness all the time and not just melt? Well, sounds like you do melt a little :)

    Robert Paterson

    Oh Nils - how can you bear to part with them?


    as i like to say whenever there is copious amounts of all things cute in my presence:


    ohh the hopping dog, that killed me... i want a puppy... thank god we cant have animals (other than a bird and a fish) in our apartment, or i might be in some trouble!

    enjoy them...


    Now, if only your could bottle and sell that energy! They are so fun to watch, you must get so much joy from them!


    You're so not getting any work done for the next week. I love the one that looks like it's going to eat your scales!

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