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    November 18, 2006



    Well, leave it to me to pick the bellicose one! ;-)

    I thought I was done sniffling about their departure until I read this post. Really. But at least you know they have all gone to good homes. To be honest, I hadn't checked out Ty's blog for a while, and just hopped over there to see if it was still up. What fun! I had no idea Allie had posted pics of the new owners. (Had to get the tissues out again!) Anyone who hasn't stopped over lately MUST DO SO:
    Allie did a superb job of documenting the entire story, and I hope she leaves it up for a few days longer.

    So there you are: no more little puppy snores (or bites!). Pour yourself another drink, then, and rejoice in their newfound happiness. Because the pups and the families sure look happy in those pics.

    P.S. I cannot believe how big the all are now!


    typo: I cannot believe how big THEY all are now.

    But I really signed in again because I had only looked at the pics when I wrote the above comment. Now I have read Allie's final recap. You'll excuse me for a moment because now I really am in floods of tears.


    Oh, I'm so glad Allie posted the pictures of the puppies with their new families.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I can't even think of a smartass thing to say about this.

    I'll be back.


    Ya done good, Nils.


    Oh wow.... I LOVE the new look!


    swanky new header! me likey!
    whats that an oxygen tank being pushed?
    I have a bad cold, so I didn't email you. Anything more than the occassional comment is too much to handle.


    Heehee Oxygen tank. Nope. That's one of the "Gorillas in the Mist" - that troop of us that rise at 5 AM to tee off.


    You gave those pups a great start, Nils. Well done!

    Love the header as well - you must tell me how to do that!


    Thanks Ortizzle, I didn't know there were pics of the new owners! Seeing the pups with their new families brought a whole new perspective to this adoption process. I got a little misty eyed, especially when I got down to Ty's photo. Allie, I loved your last words to Ty, I almost started to cry right then!
    What an awww moment.
    Well done!

    The Kept Woman

    Ohhhhhhh...I'm sorry...gahhhhh...PITAs that they were they grow on you so quickly!


    Love the updated look Nils, very classy


    Not supposed to be crying at work. Well, for that matter, not supposed to be blogging at work, so it serves me right. I'm sorry for the silence and the scent of flowers. Why is loss always accompanied by the scent of flowers?! Anyway, love is always a good investment, and I know your lives are richer for it. This has been a lovely adventure, even vicariously. Thank you for it.


    Oh, I feel sad for lonely you! I'd need the whole bottle. At least you know they're all in good homes.


    When I think about how some people might handle a litter of pups (*shudder*), I'm proud how you shouldered the job of "foster parent". If I was there, I'd hoist a couple of drinks with you.


    I really like the new look. Much better than the orange.

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