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    October 27, 2006



    Poor Ty. She looks as though she's trying to "will" herself into a Zen state, because--DAMN! those teeth are coming in and they hurt like a mutha! She looks exhausted...utterly spent and I believe I detect the tiniest bit of accusation in her expression. I could be imagining it, but watch her eyes closely. I think she's trying to communicate something to you, Nila. She's saying " Buy some baby bottles and puppy formula and HELP ME OUT!!"


    We're already weaning them, but they do love to latch onto a nice, full breast and get their fill.

    Not saying I can relate at all. Just sayin' ...


    I agree, poor Ty! It's rather sweet though, that moment where they go from being all still to suddenly realising she's back and leaping into action. I still get practically knocked over by Stumpy every time I collect her from school. Ty's face might be looking resigned but I think she's happy. :)


    Aww, poor momma. She looks a little pitiful!


    A tit for tat? Not from poor Ty's point of view. If it's going to be much longer before they're completely weaned, you might wanna look into a king-size dog bed. Well, make that queen size.

    How's Juliet getting along these days? (Kind of hard to pick her out of the crowd!)


    Momma's got it good and she knows it.

    Thanks for this. I needed it on a TGIF.


    Juliet is great. She went back to the Vet College for a checkup on Friday and they are going to keep her on antibiotics for the next two weeks just to be safe, but she is active and growing.

    Everybody be sure to come check out what Dad has to say next Thursday-Monday, when he gets the puppies all to himself because I will be away!


    Hee hee... Ty, darlin... I know what you mean.


    I'm just so grateful I only have three!!! (Kids that is, not breasts. Just so we're clear.) Eeep!


    That's too bad, because three breasts would be awesome, Shari. I mean .. two in the front, and one in the back for dancing? How great would that be?

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I know the teats are the first thing I go for when I come in the door, too.

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