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    October 25, 2006



    Your house seems absolutely lovely...looks like lots of comfy places.


    Too charming for words! I'm so glad you played. Actually, strangers, solicitors, and people getting to know us for the first time come by the front. Also...whichever kid parks his car closest to the front door. All other family and friends (as well as the residents of the house) use the side door that opens into the kitchen. I may have to post those pictures next.

    I just love old housese. Ours was built in've got us beat in that respect. Wood floors. Moulding. Quirky stuff. I really love our house...and yours.


    your house looks gorgeous. and i love the coffee table in the front parlor.


    Yeah, it's a cool lil table, Gora. Not sure if people can tell from the pics, but it's essentially done to look like three big hardcover books piled on top of one another. There's a giant drawer that is perfect for holding quilts for cuddling.

    The covers of the books have titles, of course, and here I don't know what was going through the minds of the company that makes these tables. The main visible title is "The Catterberg Tales" What, were they expecting to get sued by the estate of Geoffrey Chaucer? It rankles me.

    Sadly, Roxy as a puppy did a bit of a number on the corners of the books, so they're - uh - dog-eared.


    I love the fact that you use the term Parlour. And you won an award for your deck? What type of award? A wood award?


    I noticed exactly what that table was, and I LOVE it. I also love that little pointy window on the top floor.


    So that's why you wouldn't take Ty out through the front door. Very cool photos! Love the coffee table, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
    What a warm, wonderful house!


    Laura, I actually had to take Roxy out through the front door when Ty was at her most protective - Roxy was too wussy to face the snarling, barking dog hidden behind the door in my office, so she balked at going out the back door. Ty and Roxy have not bonded. Another reason why we think Ty will be much happier in another home, once all this is said and done.

    I'm half-kidding about the award, William. My deck was named "Best New Deck on the Island" (in the "small" category) by the lumber company I bought the wood from, but I can't imagine there were hundreds or even dozens of entries in that specific year. Still, it's an "award-winning deck", and I built it myself. You don't get a sense of it from the pics - it's four levels and includes a split cellar door. It works for the house.


    Your wood stove and parlor look so comfy warm.

    Our neighbors have relatives who live in Nova Scotia. Their last trip back home, they returned with a lobster trap. It occupies a space in their side yard in a display pile similar to yours.
    They've had to tell its history several times to folks who live here in Illinois.
    I recognized yours because of theirs.

    Craig Willson

    As I drive by Chez Ling twice a day (or presumed I did), I often wondered where exactly you lived. I mean really, how confusing can it be given the smallness of Paradise. Now I know - the blue door is like a beacon.


    What a lovely home, Nils! I love the wood paneling and floors. It does look very cozy and warm.


    I'm smitten with the wood stove room. That looks like just my kind of place.


    Oh, lovely! It's pretty much the way I imagined it, and I'm not surprised you love it. Right down to the "dog-eared" book covers. :-)

    The Kept Woman

    Your house is great but I don't believe that you won an award for that deck. Maybe you better come down here and show us some of those deck building skills...

    And by saying this I am NOT at all trying to get you to build my deck, I'd never do anything like that.


    I just bought the table in the picture. I live in Disvovery Bay, Ca. Can you give me any Idea if it is worth anything.



    Michael, the table is probably worth what you paid for it. I love it, and people always compliment it, but I don't know that it has inherent value beyond retail.


    Hi, so my wife just found the same table on the street in Boston as well as a matching side table! What's the retail value and is it leather that's covering it or something else? The side table has "Around the World" as the title (I guess adding the 80 days would have Jules Verne a little upset) :-)


    Hi there,
    I just bought the same table and matching end tables and whilst desperately hoping to find out that "the Catterberg tales" was in fact a book (and brilliant) I ran across your page to find that it isn't, wasn't and at least someone else out there immediately thought of Chaucer. What a lovely home you have and how wonderful that the internet is around crush my vain hopes and subsequently lead me into your adorable abode.

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    Looks like a great home. Love the wood floors.

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    PLease contact me about the Catterberg Tales coffee table. We have one but it's falling apart and we want to purchase another. Any leads as to where we could find a replacement? Thanks.

    Jack & Linda
    Swampscott, MA

    [email protected]

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    Oh you are an enabler. I pointed these out to DH and he said that Hanukkah isn't that far, Maybe if I waited they might show up. I can wait. Maybe.
    Ooooo! Thanks! I have been looking for just this thing!! I am going to order right now!!! Bye!

    Candie Rossler

    Yeah, your front door could use a canopy. The front of your house looks a bit flat, don't you think? I had the same problem before, until I replaced our doors with steel. They added texture and character to the house, which is something that our neighbors have been trying to imitate. Btw, the back of your house looks better. I love the furniture!

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