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    October 07, 2006



    And there was me grumbling because it fell to 8 degrees last night! You certainly live in the most beautiful place. :)


    I really need to come visit you.


    I love it! I hope no one ever moves the old tractor. It's perfect where it is.
    Is that a pond behind the spread of white behind the mailbox? What a setting.

    Your photos tell a story, and that's just what we need to see. What a beautiful little island y'all have up there.


    Come visit us, Torrie! You'll love it- everyone does. But consider yourself warned: it is very, very common for a visit to become permanent on this here Island.


    I almost didn’t see the forest for the trees... or rather, the mailbox for the frost. I love autumn: frost and the changing of the leaves... I remember it well from living in the northeast as a kid. Down where I am now, the trees do change color, but it tends to be a three day cycle: color changes on Friday, big storm moves through on Saturday, leaves are all on the ground on Sunday. Ready for the leaf-blower (a profession I have never quite understood) to herd them into hefty garbage bags. Adios autumn.

    I heartily agree about the tractor seat. I love funky things like that, the oldy-worldy aspect with a splodge of pop art thrown in. You write such lovely prose; I am thinking that this could be The First Chapter of Something (in addition to Part II of Where I Live.) Hmmm... ;-)

    P.S. We don’t have frost yet, but on stepping outside this morning, I discovered the temperature had plummeted to 16 degrees C (61 Fahrenheit). Thank God summer is over. Just waiting for something to scrape off the windshield.

    Sara Sue

    Beautiful pictures...but the words...oh, Nils, the words! I could hear you telling them. No wonder you get paid to write.


    Never fear, your camera skills seem just great to me. I agree with the other commenters who stand in admiration of the extreme beauty that is the countryside around you. Some of those pictures just almost stand still for you, if you know what I mean. I think you're up to the challenge.


    That mailbox picture looks like it could be a postcard or something. You have such beauty around you, and such a way with words... I'm just in awe.


    Yes, all those old pieces of "junk" do have their stories to tell for those who are willing to take the time to listen. Glad your hearing's so good! :)

    Love PEI. Glad to have found your place with so many pictures to bring back memories.

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