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    October 14, 2006



    Wow! That sounds so inadequate but words fail me. Keep 'em coming, Nils. As I look out of my living room window onto tarmac, grey skies and trees that haven't decided what they're doing yet, I'm jealous. You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. :)

    Jim Fogg

    Picture postcard perfect!


    Ohhhhh.... wow, Nils. That is so beautiful.

    Rest assured, I'll be back to visit this picture, that's for sure.


    wow...that's gorgeous. living in suburbia, we don't get views like that =/


    It's almost as if those colors aren't really found in nature at all. Beyond fiction! And here they are in your yard! I'd call you a "lucky bitch" but that distinction goes to the canine mother sharing your quarters.


    So, Wordgirl, does that make Nils a lucky bastard?

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