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    October 18, 2006



    Nilbo, you went on "Cute Overload" a long time ago, ha, ha. Except now the pups have got their little peepers open, and we're seeing their sweet little round heads and velvety ears even bigger and closer up than before, and they're being cuddled by your adorable daughters... and all you can think of to say is "NO NEW DOGS." Sheesh. All I can say is, "Are there any job openings on your island for a civil engineer and a Spanish teacher? 'Cuz between the scenery pics and the doggie pics, I am ready to hitch my wagon to a star and get into "cuteness" and pastoral sublimity in a big way. If this happens, save Ophelia for me. :-))


    Awwww.... wook at the cute widdle puppies! What cuties!

    You may not be keeping any new dogs, but it looks like your daughters will be!


    You say NO NEW DOGS - but these are not dogs, really.

    Doglets. So small, you will not notice them.

    (Methinks you lost your heart a few weeks ago, myself)


    ooooookkkaaaaaayyyy...I believe new dogs...riiiight

    seriously, I believe you *snicker*


    I get that you need to keep saying "no more dogs", you know, trying to keep control of a predominantly female household. My Dad used to say that too. 3 dogs, 4 cats, 4 rabbits, 2 Guinea pigs, 6 Russian Hamsters, loads of fish and 2 horses later he still says it, just more quietly and with a weird twitch round one eye. ;)

    Closet Metro

    I am sooo glad that you and your pups are at least a thousand miles from me.


    ON the other hand, kennel cough is not an isolated event. There are always more pregnant momma doogies and awful kennel cough epidemics. ;)
    Do you have a barn, perhaps? with extra space?

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