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    October 02, 2006



    Well, having just posted on puds (for Americans, rhymes with "hoods"), or a near relative thereof, I am not going to recommend that anyone avoid Spotted Dick. My English flatmates, from way back when, did not make it seem a thing to be avoided, but then... to each his own Spotted Dick. (Perhaps Sotted Dick would interest you more, heh, heh...). But seriously, perhaps Emma should let us in on the finer points of Bubble & Squeak, the Queen of Leftover Dishes.

    Anyway, to cut the waffle, I trundled over to Emma's site to have a read and offer my good wishes. Just lettin' ya know so you'll maybe put a gold star by my name.


    Yes, Ortizzle - you get a gold star. And if the flan recipe you just posted tastes half as good as it looks ... I may upgrade that to Platinum. If folks want to visit Ortizzle (and I recommend you do, if only for the mouthwatering goodness)... go to



    You've met Emma?! Emma has been an encouraging email voice to me. I'm tickled pink to see that she's blogging. But I fear the "avoid Spotted Dick" warning came a tad too late for me. That may well be the source of my WTF Disease...


    I went over to Emma's as well, and you know what? She DOES write with a lovely English accent. I imagine her to be a bit like Kiera Knightly...or sounding like her anyway. Thanks for the tip.


    Nils, sorry to hijack your blog but am laughing so much at the lovely Wordgirl's imaginings that I look or sound like Keira Knightley. Don't disabuse her, will you? It can be our little secret... :)

    Thanks so much again for sending people my way. You've made my day. x


    Emma looks EXACTLY like Keira Knightly. In fact, she told me they often get mistaken for one another, at, like, Harrod's or D&G or Marks and Sparks.

    Emma has also written a lovely story about when we met - again, folks, go visit her and find out what a really sweet guy I am.

    See, Emma - that's how it works. You tell people I'm nice, I tell them you look like Keira Knightly, and we both get away with something. Life is good.


    Dammit Nilbo, I was drinking a coke that time and now I need to go and clean my monitor!

    I shall put a post-it by my PC: "Visit Nilbo, step away from the food and drink". I think it's for the best.



    I actually encourage people to drink before they come here. I'm kinda witty when you're sober. But after a bottle or two of high-test plonk, I'm downright hilarious.

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