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    October 22, 2006



    That's seriously cute! Stumpy's now on about us getting one...

    Brilliant news about Juliet - I hope she continues to recover quickly. :)


    aww...they're so cute.


    Too bad you're so (ahem, ahem, Nova Scotia) far away...little furballs are verrry habit forming...

    Von Krankipantzen

    Very cute. And getting so big too. Yay Juliet! Way to go!

    So which one are you keeping?

    StampyDurst My god! They are adorable, albeit difficult to catch on video. And is someone actually sitting IN the food bowl eating? Enjoy the puppies while you can, and good luck getting them adopted. Any luck finding a home for Ty?


    They're all so adorable. So glad that Juliet's doing well.


    Those little pups are getting huge! Glad to hear about fair Juliet. Are you buying your dogfood by the truckload yet?


    Do they say, "yip, yip!" or "oink, oink!"?


    boy, are they ever hungry. how about making the video longer next time? I can't wait to see the videos of them growing up...3 months, 6 months...

    and great to hear about Juliet. She's a trooper.


    StampyDurst: Three guesses as to which puppy is in the food bowl. Your clue: "What's in a name?" Apparently a lot.


    That's terrific news about Juliet! I'll watch the cute video later.

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