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    October 17, 2006



    I KNEW there was something about you that I liked! It's the fall colors! We both are totally into them. They're warm and rich and inspiring. Lovely photos.


    the golfer photo with the mist hovering overhead is gorgeous. Very serene, that early in the morning. Beautiful photos, Nils.


    Oh god... he takes a photo that could be put in a photography book as an example of PERFECT composition, lighting, placement, mood, color (colour), texture.... and HE. CROPS. OUT. THE. GOLFER. Which is THE HIGHLIGHT of this PHOTO.

    Thanks for putting him back in.
    I guess I don't need to tell you how good that photo is. (Autumnal coloUrs are great, but... muted tones make for more drama.) (I think).


    Oh WOW, Nils... those are lovely photos. I think the second one is my favorite of this bunch... I love the colors. The last one reminds me of the place my grandparents had on the Kalamazoo River in Michigan. The photo with the golfer is wonderful, too. Very peaceful, serene.


    I actually like the golfer in the photo. Sort of speaks to being solitary and at peace with oneself.

    If it weren't for that damned bridge I'd have to cross to get to your island, I'd be on the next plane over, I swear. How lovely is your home? Very.


    It's too much, each photo is more beautiful than the last. I'm just going to have to up sticks and move. I think I'll pitch a tent near the little tree in the first picture. :)


    Love the fog one.

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