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    October 14, 2006



    I think that I have brain seeping out of my ears from the cuteness....

    So which one(s) are you keeping? lol...


    Repeat after me: NO. NEW. DOGS.


    Love the puppy site! (Is Allie handling it?) BTW, I just tried to leave a comment there, and was not able to. I clicked on the comments link several times...???


    Yep, I am handling it. The PEIHS often does things like this for litters of pups that aren't in the shelter. That way, people who are looking for dogs can see the pups and they can get adopted, sometimes without ever having to spend a night in the shelter. I don't know about comments...I am a frequent reader of blogs but I have never actually created one. I'll look into it.

    And if we are keeping one, it's Caesar, because Mom is in love with him.


    Allie: I finally got the comment thing to work, yea! Must be a glitch in my computer connection. Anyway, go puppies! Fingers crossed they all find good homes (the ones that don't end up at yours, heh, heh...)


    i am lucky i am in maryland, and nowhere near prince edward island.

    or that momma-dawg would have a home with ME!

    she looks like a dollbaby.
    and the puppies. too much cuteness in one place!!!

    love the blog, allie & nils


    Heh... I love that... and you are SO keeping Ty (at least)


    Technically Nils, the dog & her pups have been with you for they aren't actually!


    Nils, to be honest, even though you don't really need 3 dogs, Ty seems extremely intelligent and she is a good dog, isn't she? And frankly, hasn't she been through enough? She's had a rough life so far.
    I don't know. Taking her away from little Caesar and Roxy too, away from the big farm house and land with room to run... it seems so, heartless. You're a good man to take the three of them in, aren't you. :)


    I'm sorry ... am I not spelling it correctly? Am I typing too fast for everyone? Is there some mircroscopic shred, some tiny scintilla, some sub-atomic particle of doubt I am leaving in this whole matter?

    I am in charge here, and I say No. NEW. DOGS. And by "new" I mean new as in "new to us". So used dogs and brand spanking new puppies fall under the same umbrella. That being: NEW DOGS. And what are we having none of?

    That's right.



    Dear readers, make sure to bookmark this reference a year from now, when Nils is entertaining us with stories about Ty.

    Then again, I seem to remember suggesting a good dog would make a REALLY good belated wedding present for a certain married offspring?


    I love the dogs' names. My sister-in-law used to teach English. She had a Scottie nameed Othello (Thel) and a Westie named Desdemona (Desi).

    These pups are cuties.


    What a coincidence. The bitch in my house has a blog, too :)

    Sara Sue

    Laughing my ribs sore here! Susie, you stole my line! Nils, in your country, doesn't it look bad when a big land baron won't take in those less fortunate? It's not like you can't afford it, right? I'm just askin...

    Sara Sue

    And duckin'...

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