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    October 23, 2006



    Okay, I need to defend myself here! I had just gotten out of bed and so I am wearing my pj's, it was cold out so I needed a toque (also, bedhead is easily disguised that way!) and the rubber boots make stepping in dog doo much less gross (besides they aren't mine, they're Mom's). This is not an accurate reflection of my day-to-day wardrobe!


    So, you're thinking people will even SEE you when there's a cute puppy to be oohhed and awwwed over ...? Wow.

    Yeah, to clarify, Allie is the one in the toque ... and yes, she is normally not anywhere near this homely.

    There, is that better?


    Not homely! I prefer the term "fresh scrubbed and natural". And yes...the puppy cuteness is killing.


    so very adorable. puck looks EXACTLY like my dog when she was just a puppy, only she had one ear that stood straight up and one that flopped down. coloring, face..exactly like his. she is the best dog i've ever as a whip and sweeter than should be allowed. makes me want to journey up there and grab him. those pups will have no problem at all finding good homes. kudos to you for helping them all have a great place to start their lives, and for mommy ty, who i'm sure will also be loved and adored by whomever is lucky enough to get her.

    and allie, i think you look adorable.


    Lovely video - and Allie, you look just like someone who's looking after puppies in wet grass should look! :)

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