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    October 03, 2006



    Such lovely names...Puck is expected to be a wee bit mischievious, non?

    Would Juliet & Romeo be the runts--expected to come to an untimely demise? I hope not! They are beautiful puppies!!


    Just you keep telling yourself that, Dad. As one of three daughters to a very long-suffering father my money's on at least one of the pups staying!

    I approve of the names, by the way. Having previously owned a Harvey, Hedwig, Wilbur and Ludwig I'm a great believer in animals having names I couldn't get away with inflicting on a child. (Sorry to all the people whose children I've just insulted...)


    Awww, and you blogged about them again! I am so looking forward to reading about their antics in the coming eight weeks. But please, don't forget about poor old Roxy. We'll need photos of her too, of course.
    Does anyoone remember Roxy? black and white fur ball? Digs holes for all the tree planters?


    Wasn't it Shakespeare who said, "Methinks thou dost protest too much!". Or...maybe not.

    Sara Sue

    Yep..blogging and naming, you're hooked. If you don't keep at least one we'll all think you're a cad! :)


    um...I'm a leeeetle concerned that all but one were named for characters who have somewhat unsavory endings to their lives, what with the suicides and murders.

    Only Puck seems to emerge unscathed, and Antony never was quite right in the head after all of the events.


    I love the names! And you can really have some fun with people who overhear you when Puck is bad. Especially if you change the inflection a bit of " get over here!"


    "C'mere PUCK"
    that's a funny one. My dog's name is vodka so I'm no better off. New reader who's luvin' your blog btw.


    What the?
    "puck", you get over here right now.


    "Hey - that's the good furniture! Puck! Off!"

    The Kept Woman


    Any Jimmy Buffett fan would keep this name as well.

    You know...Desdemona's building a rocket ship...

    And is Puck named after the dude from The Real World San Fran from like 10 years ago? ;)


    What? No Escalus?? That's it... she'll just have to have another litter then.


    I had a feeling Shakespeare would win out. Personally, I would have included Ariel in the lot, but... it's hard to compete with:

    "Puck! Off!" *snort*


    Poor Puck... branded before he even gets a chance to 'defend' himself...


    I would have included Ariel, but it's kind of a girly name for a boy dog. And Ariel is, after all, a boy.


    My 3 dogs look just like Caesar. (Only bigger of course.)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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