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    October 10, 2006


    Sara Sue

    AWESOME! I love this!


    Excellent :-)

    Colors (colours) are perfect!


    I love the photo but the orange text is a bit hard on my eyes. The darker pumpkin colour is good though.


    It's lovely!


    Oh... WOW...

    Before the pic came up, I only saw the background color and my first thought was "Wow, that's orange..."

    Then the pic loaded and BAM! Wow... beautiful.

    Black might be a better choice for text color, but the rest of it is great!


    Ah, Nilbo! You hit me right where I live! This is absolutely perfect with that wonderful picture. I envy the fall colors (colours) in your world. We have changing leaves here, but only for about five minutes.It's probably why I love the idea of autumn as much as I do. The scenery in your world leaves me breathless and this blog design will serve you--and your words--well.


    How about pictures of scantily clad women in orange?


    Where'd the birds go? and I liked the other letter type, the way the s was made.
    There is some major yellow here, a bit too bright first thing this morning (says me with the peach borders on my blog). The orange lettering is so-so.

    Pay me no mind. If I were writing an evaluation about myself, the words "Does not transition well" would be written every page.


    I love the change -- I love Fall. I love love. I love Paris in the Springtime!

    (Let's go collect acorns!)


    Hi there! I'm gone 5 minutes and you change everything AGAIN! I have to say I'm liking the pumpkin colours though, very autumnal and I love that masthead pic, very pretty.

    I think you need to have a quiet word with William though - the poor man obviously has scantily clad women on the brain. Wait, didn't that just describe ALL men?!


    Still love the pic but I have to say I liked the red-ish background you had yesterday better for behind that pic. I like the yellow sidebars.

    Her Bad Mother

    New to your blog but it looks nice to me.


    Love the photo, it's fantastic. the orange? not so much....


    hey, you changed it from this morning! i like this one, too. i agree--the green looks much better than the orange.

    The Kept Woman

    Ohhhhhhhh pretty! Now if you could just get those bubbles that chase the cursor I'd stay here all day wasting time...

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